10/10/20 – Letting Go of the Mindset of Fear

On Saturday, 10/10/20 I ventured off to Chicago and came to a “lightbulb moment” realization: My game, schedule, virtually everything was driven by fear. I avoided the main city streets because I wanted to approach girls alone; I didn’t want people to hear my game.

I schedule my venues so I don’t have to visit the same locale twice a week. Why? So I don’t burn it out, but most importantly: I don’t want a girl I gamed prior to see me again. I was avoiding that strange, awkward encounter and did everything to accomplish that.

Today, I let go of fear.

I didn’t fight it, rationalize it… I just let go.

My game increased considerably and I’m proud of myself.

I did six approaches today. Two are worth writing about:

Approach #1The Floridian

Synopsis: When I was walking down Michigan Ave, I met this brunette HB hard 6 – soft 7, chilling on a bench. I opened her directly, she was neutral, leaning unreceptive. I gamed her the best I could, before realizing continuing further would burn through my social energy and ejected.

Sticking Point:

N/A. Decided to do the best I could before ejected out of set.

What I Did Right:

Social Conservation: Due to the fact I played it smart and decided when to eject out of set when I didn’t feel any chemistry, I conserved social energy for more receptive girls. It’s the reason why I was able to approach as long as I did.

Comments: It was smart to eject out of set early to save energy.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFESsELbrfk

Approach #2 – The Girl in Black

Synopsis: Shortly after my first set, I ran into this girl donned in black sweats, jacket, and red hair. She had an Adventure Time phone case and was unusually receptive. Our interaction lasted 5 minutes, before I took her phone number and she jetted off onto a train.

Sticking Point:

N/A. Set was too short, but…

What I Did Right:

Capitalized on Receptivity: While our interaction was short, I managed to hook my target enough she wanted to hang out with me. She’s what Mark Manson calls a “Fuck Yes!” girl and I capitalized on whatever reception she had my establishing strong premise and having her qualify to me.

Comments: Keep capitalizing on Fuck Yes! girls.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQ4sM8gG3jU

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