10/12/20 – Bobman was Right!

On Monday, 10/12/20, I ventured off toward UWM and decided to experiment with letting go of ANY sort of fear; whether it be plotting my game path to decrease running into the same girl twice; approaching despite bad angles; etc.

Let me tell you, it worked wonders.

I decided to combine this mindset with Bobman’s advice of running optimal game within the span of 1-2 minutes before moving on IF the girl was on a schedule.

Thanks to that, I obtained a solid number with a cute gamer girl.

Let’s get to that approach, shall we?

Approach #1The Gamer Girl

Synopsis: Within the first 5 minutes of arriving at UWM, I ran into this cute, brunette haired girl sporting a Polaroid camera jacket and sweat pants. Her personality and appearance gave me Max Caulfield vibes from Life is Strange.

She was shy, yet friendly. Came from Chicago and started attending UWM this year. Got her number. Now we’re texting back and forth rapidly.

What I Did Right:

Qualifications: I was able to have my target qualify herself to me on multiple occasions. The more she qualified, the more she began to open up.

Cool Guy Vibe: I ran your standard “cool guy” game throughout the interaction. I displayed high-value traits while – after reading her blueprint correctly – simultaneously throwing in comfort when required.

Premise-y, but Not Incredibly Sexual: My target had a sense I was attracted to her, but not overly so. A weakness of mine is showing intent instead of premise. It only works on “Fuck Yes!” girls, but not sets who’re neutral or hell, even neutral leaning receptive.

Not only that, I knew from her introverted vibe being inherently sexual would scare her off. I ran a more comfort-based game intermingled with being a cool guy.

Short, yet Effective Interaction: Our interaction lasted five minutes or less. I didn’t waste time and I was able to successfully save up social energy.

Sticking Point:

None this time around.

Comments: While I was on Adderall during my day game session, it’s amazing what eliminating the mindset of fear does to you.

Audio recording here (private): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZIqsCTVhKs

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