10/17/20 – Practicing Qualifications

On Saturday, 10/17/20, I ventured off to Chicago solo and decided to practice my Evaluation phase of seduction; more specifically, compliance testing so the girl invests in the conversation.

As everything new you learn in game, you have to get worse before you get better.

That’s exactly what happened on Saturday with this one Serbian girl I met.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Approach #1The Serbian Girl

Synopsis: Met this girl on a bridge in Chicago. Interestingly enough, I thought she’d be bitchy given her stoic, serious expression. Turns out I was wrong. She was friendly, somewhat receptive, but I knew I had to work to build attraction.

I successfully had her comply with a few of my requests while attempting to display high value traits + premise. Of course, since I was specifically practicing compliance testing, my overall game declined, which is to be expected.

At the end, I Facebook closed her, but it didn’t lead anywhere.

Sticking Point:

Not Enough Premise: I tried implementing premise into the interaction with a certain amount of success. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as Man-to-Woman as I’d like it to be.

Sorta High Value: Same as the above sticking point. I portrayed myself in the highest value I could, but since I was focusing on qualifications, it wasn’t as high value as I’d like it to be.

What I Did Right:

Compliance Testing: I consider Saturday to be a win due to the fact I was able to have her comply to my commands on at least three separate occasions. I was fumbling around mentally on a few other compliance tests, but none came up in set.

Next time, I’m going to focus on screening.

Comments: Keep practicing qualifying techniques (ie. compliance tests, screening, etc)

Audio recording here (private): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOzmW9rR7cA

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