10/20/20 – Slow, Sexual Vibe + Slowly Implementing Screens = 👌

On Tuesday, 10/20/20, I decided to take Todd V’s advice and present high value behavior first and foremost, before implementing qualifications just a tiny bit into my sets. It worked out wonderfully, in my opinion. While I didn’t get a number, nor did I get an instadate, I felt a smooth, sexual vibe radiate in my game.

I bet, without a shadow of a doubt, if I met a girl who was receptive or hell, neutral leaning receptive, it would have worked out in my favor.

Let’s get to the approach, shall we?

Approach #1The Nurse (at Carroll University)

Synopsis: I met my target while she was walking up the staircase of Carroll University. She was blonde, had blue eyes, and was heading to class. I focused on being calm, collected, yet sexual when I opened her. She loved it, but after a few minutes of conversation, told me she had a boyfriend.

Overall, she was hooked, but she was the definition of a neutral set. If I persisted, I potentially could have led this where I wanted.

What I Did Right:

Slowly Incremented Qualifications Without Overshooting: I was able to subtly use a comparison screen + Yes Ladder after establishing myself as a sexual, high-value man. This was in complete contrast to Monday, 10/19/20, where I ran qualifications at the beginning of the interaction and easily overshot my goal.

As Todd states in My Complete Model of Game, make yourself 5% better each day. In this case, using qualifications 5% each game session until it becomes ingrained in my head.

Strong Sexual Vibe: I felt like a sexual, powerful vibe encompass the interaction. Yes, while the girl wasn’t bought in, I was able to establish a sexual / masculine frame and better yet – a man who knows what he wants.

My target felt that and was compelled to stay in set.

Slow, Methodical Speech: It’s funny, but every time I open my set in a slow, methodical, and sexual voice, it goes well. However, despite knowing this, I don’t do it sometimes. In this case, I did. I gotta remember that all sets are unique, I’m having fun, and to keep things Man-to-Woman from the get-go.

Tried Number Closing After Yes Ladder: After my target told me she was going to print paper before heading to class, I knew I had to at least try to close her. I did a Yes Ladder before number closing unsuccessfully, but at least I played to win.

Sticking Point:

Should Have Persisted… Possibly: This one is a toss-up. While I should have potentially stayed, I knew she was busy and she insisted she had a boyfriend. She was friendly and receptive, though. Should I stayed in set? Possibly. I think it would have been better to dip and find other more receptive targets.

I Forgot Her Name: A mistake I make a bit too often. I forgot her name, despite the fact she told me. It’s a big fuck-up in game that I need to quit doing.

Comments: Remember slow, sexual vibe + implementing qualifications 5% each session = Success.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq9ppSnMtdk

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