My Game Plan on Physical Escalation

This is the next stage of my journey on becoming a master pickup artist and was strongly advised to me by John Sonmez.

As a foreword, most of the techniques used for physical escalation stems from Chase Amante’s book How to Make Girls Chase and will act as my guide going forward.

Types of Escalation:

Incidental Touch

This is what I’m currently working on. It’s the kind of touching you do lightly and mostly as a social function.

So far, my model is simply having an “extended” handshake with a girl, putting my hand across her lower back for a few seconds, and if I feel she’s really receptive and/or feminine, I’d wrap my arm around her shoulder while we talk.

I feel like I could do more.

That’s when I talked to John Sonmez regarding my advancement in sexualizing the conversation and coming up with my own “day game escalation model”.


Sexual Mindset (aka Sexual Demeanor) (practice this!)

According to John Sonmez – the Bulldog Mindset himself – all my sets should come from a sexual frame. “I want to fuck her”, should be my mantra. Look her in the eyes, and say no matter what I have in my mind, with sexual desire.

What’s more important than physical touch is a sexual demeanor.

Don’t focus on the techniques – what I do – but rather, how I say it. I can say the most mundane things, but the way I say it, and what I do with my hands say alot more than words alone. In fact, it’s usually way more powerful, because saying and doing “sexy” things while uncalibrated comes off as creepy.

Hell, make strong eye contact and say things that are non-sexual, but say them in a sexual way.

You want to make it seem like she’s seducing you. Like she’s got some sort of magical power that’s making it difficult to control myself over her.

I am having this normal conversation, but I keep getting distracted by thinking about what I want to do to her.

Don’t say that, but be that.

Practice saying, “I want to fuck the shit out of you.”

Then practice thinking, “I want to fuck the shit out of you,” while saying, “I really like the dress you’re wearing.”

John strongly suggests I practice too far in order to figure out how far I can go. So, pretty much always go for the kiss during a date. Try your limits, Adam.


Sexual Intent (similar to Sexual Demeanor / Mindset)

While John Sonmez’s sexual demeanor advice is good, I’m going to take practical steps to implementing this in my overall game. I believe this best way to do this is by following James Marshall’s Sexual Intent principle in set. It’s easy-to-follow, not technique based, and at the end depends on your mindset and what energy you radiate during the approach.

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