10/27/20 – Implementing Physical Escalation

On Tuesday, 10/27/20, since I believe I successfully integrated qualifiers into my sets, the next step was practicing physical escalation. My opinion on it so far? It’s fun. Real fun. Better than learning how to run premise or qualifiers into my sets.

While I ran physical escalation on only one set yesterday at Carroll University, overall I did three sets in total. I’ll only detail the one I managed to kino.

Approach #1The Nerdy Biology Student

Synopsis: I ran into my set at the Carroll library writing a report on her latest biology assignment. I slipped on next to her and opened directly. She giggled and was friendly. It was an overall good set and even though I didn’t snag her number, I implemented physical escalation which I’ll list on the ‘What I Did Right‘ section of this report.

What I Did Right:

Implemented ‘Incidental Touch’: The term ‘Incidental Touch‘ is coined by pickup artist Chase Amante. It’s light touching you mostly do as a social function. Not entirely sexual, but definitely not platonic. Chase states to use it liberally during your sets, which I believe is a great idea.

In this set, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder for 30 seconds and did an “extended” handshake, letting her hand stay in mine for longer than usual.

Man-to-Woman conversation: This is my hypothesis, but when I came into the set with the intention of practicing physical escalation, I believe it sexualizes your mindset. This, in turn, makes you come across as a more sexual, confident guy all around.

Sticking Point:

Not Physical Enough: I could have easily let my arm stay wrapped around my target’s shoulder while we spoke. She was calmly neutral about the whole thing. If I had to guess, she was neutral, leaning receptive.

Comments: I’d like to thank John Sonmez for recommending I get more physical in set. It’s the next step in my pickup journey and a fun experience all around.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgSVPw_K28E

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