11/7-8/20 – Getting Back Into the Groove

I’ll be honest, boys, I was discouraged for the past week when gaming. I still trudged along, but it was tough.

Within the past week, I got arrested for gaming at a college campus as a non-student, slapped with a $300 fine for disorderly conduct, told I’m a “creep” by Reddit (I know Reddit is full of soyboys, but still), got a parking ticket for $25, haven’t hooked a single set despite the fact I used to get instadates and solid phone numbers weekly and finally I had a tooth extracted + temporary crown for $750.

I’ve still been gaming on my daily 5 days/week schedule, don’t get me wrong, but my game has shot down considerably due to a mindset of fear that has invaded and cut it’s way into my life.

However, that all changed on 11/7/20, when I got an instadate at Marquette and bumped my game up today.

I’m back – rejuvenated – and going onward to become a master pickup artist.

Approach #1The Popular Girl (11/7/20)

Synopsis: On Saturday, 11/7/20, I didn’t expect Marquette University to be so busy. All I wanted to do was hit the library and check how busy it was there. Little did I know, a block down was Marquette. After heading toward the university, I found this cute, Italian looking girl who I managed to instadate.

She was sweet, friendly, and receptive at first. Of course, I made a few blunders that revolve around the mission and mindset shift John Sonmez assigned me that I’ll list here.

I did, however, manage to instadate and snag her number – unfortunately, it was flakey.

What I Did Right:

Got Instadate: Daddy’s back! Finally, after a week of self-doubt and a mindset of fear, I managed to get back on track. I felt like a Jedi fighting his inner demons on the planet Ilum from Star Wars before overcoming adversity and getting back to my mission in life.

Displayed High Value Behavior: Despite my fear, I managed to display high value behavior, including using techniques like the Yes Ladder to get my target on an instadate.

Sticking Point:

Stayed In Set Faaaaar Too Long: So, I suppose it wasn’t the fact I was in too set for too long but rather, didn’t move along the escalation model toward a close. My set was too platonic, too boring, etc. I believe if I stayed in set waaaay less than I should have, I would have gotten a solid number.

Too Platonic: This ties to the point above. I was too platonic – too fun, cool guy – that I didn’t make a move. Remember Adam, your sexual insecurity stemming from Denver. Don’t let this destroy opportunities staring directly at you.

Comments: Keep moving, Adam. Time to practice a sexual demeanor next.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62iXnJMNSr0

Approach #1The Physical Therapy Student (11/8/20)

Synopsis: As an experiment, I decided to walk toward the library once again on Sunday and lo and behold, Marquette University had a good amount of students within it’s premises. I didn’t go to the college directly, but rather approached this chick sporting purple running pants and a white t-shirt.

She was friendly, but I wouldn’t exactly say receptive. She had a boyfriend, but I made the most out of it.

What I Did Right:

Premise-y Set: While it wasn’t sexualized as much as I’d like it to be, it was very intent-y. It was a pretty good JP set. I wasn’t overly sexual, but she knew I was into her and bought into it.

Not Long, But Not Short: The set itself was five minutes. Perfect timing to gouge a girl’s interest before deciding to stay in set or leave.

Sticking Points:

Spoke Too Fast: A mixture of slight nervousness and excitement came over me. I believe this was due to the fact I was back in the game. I knew it, and it reflected over in set. As John Sonmez states, speak slower, but with a sexual demeanor. Let’s focus on that instead.

Comments: This set was a good example of a somewhat sexual demeanor. Let’s amp it up a little next time, shall we?

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPiFWdZefjo

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