11/12/20 – Date #1 – Natalie – A Dossier

On Thursday, 11/12/20, I met Natalie (aka “The Hotel Manager”) in Chicago at a Starbucks on Michigan Avenue. My specific objective of the date was to at least get a makeout since logistics were fucked. She lived 20 minutes away and my apartment was literally in another state.

How did I do? While I didn’t succeed, I’d state I was partially successful.

This report will be broken up into two categories:

A.) A “girl dossier” on Natalie as a person; followed by specific steps and procedures required to get the lay.

B.) The date itself – accompanied by my standard ‘What I Did Right’ and ‘Sticking Point’ sections

Girl Dossier: Natalie

Natalie is unique to say the least. She’s a soft HB 6, a little thick, geeky, but eccentric. Have you ever played Fallout 3? Her personality is the living embodiment of Moira Brown. That, or virtually every character in the Borderlands franchise.

She also states she’s normally “shy with strangers” and reserved, despite the fact she talked so fucking much.

If I had to objectively analyze Natalie in tl;dr form, it’s this: She’s eccentric, nervous (possibly why she kept talking), has self-esteem issues, but with time she’ll give in.

A comfort girl, through and through.

Other than that, she has an interest in DnD, smoking weed, and is apart of a book club on Discord. Very geeky, but closer to the “classical geek” archetype vs gamer girl.

Next Steps

This list of steps will detail how to proceed with Natalie:

  • Qualifiers: I distinctly recall when I said, “Are you playing footsie with me? I’m sorry Natalie, I’m a little angel, I don’t do that on the first date,” she laughed and did it more and more. A little chase, if you will. I believe that’s how I can take my game to the next steps with Natalie primarily.
  • Personal Questions and ‘Why’: As stated in the above section, Natalie is a comfort girl. I threw premise lines with tiny bits of qualifiers throughout the interaction, but I need to know her more as a person.

    With that, comes emotional connection, which in turn, lowers her guard and allows for further intimacy.
  • Sexual Intent: This is my overall objective and current mission with all sets I encounter; whether it’s the initial approach to first date. Since Natalie talked so much, I wasn’t able to project sexual intent as much as I’d like to. It’s an energy, not a technique, which I’ll definitely have to remember.

Date #1Natalie

Synopsis: After driving to Chicago, I arrived at the Starbucks 10 minutes early. I had a cigarette before Natalie showed up. Once she did, I ordered coffee for both of us before she began chatting up a storm. I tried getting in a few words, but they only came out as questions.

I admit, my game wasn’t the greatest in set. It should have been, but internal investment (ie. the fact I drove to Chicago for a date, trying too hard to summon up sexual intent, etc) caused me to cave in and run sub-par game.

At least for 30 minutes or so before I began a “mini meditation” session and fell back on my pre-sexual intent game.

We spent two and a half hours together. It felt like a roller coaster, as Todd V states it should. We’d have normal, boring conversation -> I spike the energy level -> Rinse and repeat.

At the end, Natalie stated she wanted to see me again. I mean, it ain’t no kiss, but it’s something.

What I Did Right:

Stayed In Set Long Enough To Spike Attraction: I’d say the first 30 or so minutes was relatively platonic. She’d talk, talk, talk and I’d listen. After a while, though, I was able to spike attraction in the conversation and we both became animated.

Interestingly enough, when I came from a giving frame and brought energy to the set, we both became invested.

Mostly Successful Kino: While I wasn’t able to secure a kiss, I was able to hold her hand throughout the date. It was clearly Man-to-Woman, but next time, I need to secure the kiss at the very least.

Sticking Points:

Chase, Chase, Chase: I admit, I rarely used qualifiers during the date. I was too impatient and tried spiking her emotions by implementing premise. Once a Man-to-Woman tone was established, I kept chasing. Like, I knew to go into the Evaluation phase next, but… I just didn’t.

If a stranger saw us, it was clear I was the one chasing the girl.

Should Be More Assertive: Even if Natalie talked her way through the date, I should have realized early on I could have simply butted in and asserted myself. I did it a few times during the date and that’s when our interaction started getting good.

Comments: This could all have been fixed if I came into the set projecting sexual intent.

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