11/17/20 – I Will Not Stop Until I Get A Solid Number

On Tuesday, 11/17/20, I hit up UWM before the Winter season starts. I think it’s a smart idea I do so due to the fact the semester at both UWM and Marquette will end within a few weeks. It’s imperative I visit the shit outta these campuses before the bitter cold of the Northern states hits.

In any other case, I did a single set at UWM. She ended up being a solid number after spiking her emotions and qualifying her a ton.

She’s a 23 year old music teacher, hipster as fuck, Latina, has a petite frame, and adorable.

I’ll get to her in a moment, but in the meantime, I want to write a few key factors that helped me secure a solid number right off the bat.

Internal Awareness and Sexual Intent

I discovered when I meditate 5-10 minutes before going out (or as James Marshall calls it, “Getting into my body”), I let a void encompass my internal core. With that, I can fill that void with sexual energy and project it outward.

Of course, I let external factors assist me in that, such as playing sensual deep house music before going out.

A few mistakes that I really want to jot down is the fact I sometimes try thinking my way out of my head. It doesn’t work. My mind races, trying to logically fix the issue, telling myself to get out of my head. It never works.

What I do is simply shut up – just do it, don’t think it – and focusing on what I’m feeling in and around me.

That’s it.

That’s how I become aware.



I can fill that void with sexual energy and project it out.

With this, I have a new objective in game: I will not stop approaching until I get a solid phone number or instadate.

I don’t know if it’s crazy or not, but I feel like I’m at the stage at my game where that’s very plausible.

Bobman is killing it at online game. As a cold approacher, I can’t let those online gamers get to me. I can prove I’m just as good – if not better – than him.

Approach #1The Hipster Latina

Synopsis: When I first arrived at UWM’s Union building, I ran into this cute, petite hipster Latina who smiled after feeling sexual intent radiating from me. I knew she was gold. My biggest strength and why she was a solid number was two fold that’ll be mentioned in What I Did Right.

What I Did Right:

Girls Don’t Want Factual Conversation, They Want Emotional Spiking Conversation: I realized a girl’s energy level drops in set once you start getting into facts about her life. What did I do instead? I interrupted her midsentence when I got bored and simply asked, “Excuse me, super random, but I’m looking at you and you strike me as someone who writes poetry.”

I think she was talking about her little sister. I didn’t care, nor does she. It’s boring, lame, and no one has fun.

Fuck that, just spike her emotions!

Polarizing: Due to sexual intent, my whole demeanor, conversation, and virtually everything I did was highly polarizing. If she’s receptive or neutral, leaning receptive, she’d eat that shit right up.

Alternatively, if not…

She’d simply laugh, walk off, and never speak to me again.

It’s far, far better to be hated than to be invisible in a woman’s eyes.

Heavy Qualifiers: It’s imperative once I know a girl is aware we’re having a Man-to-Woman interaction that I start qualifying her. Not a little, but alot.

I’m going to keep this short, but remember: Let her chase.

Sticking Points:

Don’t Go To Closed Coffee Shops: Okay, this was my only mistake, but thankfully Elle was invested enough she didn’t care. I know I love UWM due to the massive amount of targets, but it’s terrible for logistics due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

All major coffee shops are closed, including the one inside the Union building, and it’s virtually impossible to instadate a girl because of that.

Comments: This was an excellent set and good example of qualifiers + sexual intent.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMt4QZyXCik

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