11/21/20 – Learn How To Be Curious

On 11/21/20, I decided to hit up Marquette University and approach four girls. I was able to hit up three but had to return home due to private reasons. While I did project my sexual intent, I noticed a few girls are a bit shy, insecure, or simply don’t know how to handle being approached by a confident man.

Therefore, I decided to do a little research, and came across Phase 2 of James Marshall’s 6 Phases of A Seducer’s Lifecycle.

I discovered while I projected my sexual intent to a decent degree, I simply wasn’t curious about girls. To me, they were another girl I wanted to talk to, but nothing more, nothing less.

In a matter of fact, one example will be documented below.

She was a Chicago girl who decided to study at Marquette. In my Sticking Point’s section, I’ll list out a few details where I could have been curious about her life. After that, perhaps I could have qualified her.

Approach #1The Shy Chicago Girl

Synopsis: After traveling to Marquette University, I ran into this girl sporting a fuzzy purple jacket. She was cute, yet shy. I tried expressing my sexual intent as best as I could, but felt a certain nervousness gaming around other people. I’ll need to work on that, but she was a flake.

There are two reasons why that I’ll list in the Sticking Points section.

What I Did Right:

Stayed In Set Despite Neutrality: I’m proud of myself for this one, but I stayed in set despite her neutrality toward myself. I made her laugh quite a bit too. Not enough to secure attraction at a level I desire, but enough to not shoo me off.

Sticking Points:

Lack of Curiosity: I saw her as a girl to project my sexual intent + run structured game to. I wasn’t curious with the fact she came from Chicago and was probably a bit nervous/excited moving to a city by herself.

Now that I think about it, I believe it’s wise to fill in the “comfort phase” of game with deep, personal questions built on genuine curiosity for the girl’s life.

Comments: Still work on sexual intent + qualifying, but throw in curiosity 5% of the time in each set.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y180uR46v4g

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