A.G. Hayden Call #1 Notes

Questions/Notes on Sexual Intent:

Tips to Get Into A Sexual State:

Tip #1: As an experiment, watch porn (without masturbating) before going out. Every time Avery did this, he nailed every set due to radiating sexual energy due to, shall we say, “external influences”.

Tip #2: Stop watching porn and masturbating. Unless I’m utilizing tip #1, porn and masturbation drains your masculine, sexual energy.

Tip #3: Do “pervy meditation” before going out. Visualize things that would turn me on for five minutes. Imagine naked women, imagine having sex, and get to the point where I can use my mind to feel that emotion.

Tip #4: When I’m looking at a girl in the eye during a conversation, say “I want you” in your mind.

Tip #5: When I’m out approaching women, imagine myself being in the first scene of a porno. Everyone’s clothes are still on, a guy and a chick are in a kitchen, and you’re thinking of what she’ll look like naked. How is he going to fuck her? You think sexual thoughts.

Tip #6: Stare and be a little “pervy” looking at a girl. Admire the way she walks, think of what she’ll look like naked, etc. Just don’t let her catch you staring at her lol

Bonus Tips I Learned Myself On Projecting Sexual Intent:

Tip #1: Listen to The Game by Neil Strauss before going out. It calms the mind and my mind switches to thinking about game.

Tip #2: During my “downtime” during day game or when I see a girl a block or so away, do a fast awareness and sexual intent “mini-mediation”.

Tip #3: “Approaching from my cock and balls”. This is primarily used infield when I see a girl. I’d focus my awareness on the soles of my feet -> clear myself of any thoughts -> re-focus my awareness to my cock and balls -> project it through my eyes.

Tip #4: Think, feel, and project one word. I’d look my girl in the eyes and think to myself and I think to her either one of these: Yes, Fuck, Sexy, Babe. It allows me to focus on my expression rather than trying to forcefully project sexual intent.

Handling 2-sets or Groups:

Tip #1: Approaching and managing groups of friends (either mixed set or all girls) really isn’t hard at all.

Tip #2: When it comes to 2-sets, approach the girl I like, open direct, but all I have to do afterwards is acknowledge the friend. If the friend seems disinterested, get the friend involved in the conversation. However, focus 70-80% of my attention on my target.

Tip #3: When it comes to number closing 2-sets, only number close the girl I’m interested in.

Dates / Instadates:

Tip #1: Instadates are overrated. They’re only worthwhile if I’m going for the pull. If not, don’t even bother with instadates.

What should I do instead? Spend 5-15 minutes with a girl to try and secure a solid number instead.

After that, keep going.

Tip #2: If a girl goes out on a (real) date with me, she’s taking time out of her day to meet me again, she’s truly interested in me.

Tip #3: Only go for the instadate if the girl is super DTF.

Tip #4: When I set a date 3-7 days in advance, text the girl to keep the number warm. Just be careful, one wrong text can fuck everything up.

If possible, try and schedule the date 2 days ahead.

Miscellaneous Notes:

Tip #1: Avery says I believe in the Madonna / Whore complex and consequently, when I see a cute, adorable girl I’m interested in, I inadvertently put her on a pedestal since I want to “save her” for the 2nd or 3rd date.

Tip #2: Don’t stop day game the second I get a solid number. All I’m doing is getting validation and it feels like a “win” for me. Yes, it’s a little success. Yes, it feels good, but when I stop gaming, I’m playing not to lose, and not playing to win.

If I persist stopping game after I get a solid number, it’s going to hold me back alot.

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