12/04/20 – I Want To Know You

On Friday, 12/04/20, I decided to hit up Bayshore Mall out of curiosity and the fact I wasn’t scheduled to visit Marquette University that day. I was pleasantly surprised. I decided to visit at 12:30PM and saw a good amount of targets. I wasn’t worried at all.

My objective was to learn the Third Principle of Natural Seduction, namely Emotional Impact.

I accomplished this by “approaching from the heart,” as James Marshall calls it by focusing on my chest, opening myself to emotionally impact and be impacted by the girl.

I’ll say this though: When I approach from the heart, it felt incredibly different than projecting sexual intent. I can best describe it as a shy, but confident guy who decided to talk up a cute girl.

While I don’t think it’d work incredibly well with Latinas, I’d imagine this game stratagem proves effective on shy girls in libraries, college campuses, etc.

Overall, I did three approaches, but only one is worth writing about:

Approach #1The Madison Girl

Synopsis: After going on a small shopping spree at Kohls, I ran into this cute white girl at a Barnes and Nobles. She was blonde, sported glasses, and of course, had winter gear. I opened her with a genuine compliment, “Excuse me, I just adore how you did your hair. It has a very tribal look to it.”

She was friendly, receptive, and I ended up getting her number.

It was solid, but I screwed up during text… and then she ghosted me.

Sticking Points:

No Sexual Intent: When you delve into the mind of someone who “approaches from the heart,” you’re telling yourself to focus on comfort building, not value building. Consequently, you become soft. You state your intentions, yes, but it’s a bit tough transitioning to project sexual intent.

After I successfully learn how to form an emotional connections, my next objective is to transition at will between sexual intent/emotional impact depending on the girl

No Qualifiers: Since my conversation with Melissa was based around comfort building, anything to boost my value was significantly decreased. Yes, I did a few things right, but qualifiers – which is, in my honest opinion, one of the biggest things you can do to get a solid number – just didn’t appear due to my mindset.

What I Did Right:

Tried Establishing Emotional Connection: I’ll be honest, I couldn’t empathize with Melissa. No matter how hard I tried. What I did instead was ask her pre-planned questions that got deep into who she was as a person, “It must have been difficult moving to a different city by yourself.”

Yes, it’s a canned question, but at least I spotted points where I can dig deeper into who she is as a person.


– Learn how to calibrate / switch back and forth between creating an emotional connection and projecting sexual intent.

– Learn text game

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL_TZXX7aXY

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