Week Two: Sexual Intent – The Five Intentions

Skipping Week One for now

After reviewing James Marshall’s Week 2 ‘Intent’ mission video, he discusses something called ‘The Five Intents’. It strongly resembles The System from Todd V and I believe it will mix in perfectly with my verbal game. Namely:

Part I: Internal Missions

First Intent: I Want To Meet You:

It’s fine if I have JP-like raging sexual intent upon the interaction. I recently discovered this works incredibly well with Latinas. However, it doesn’t evoke a strong reaction with white girls.

Therefore, when I open a white girl, I’ll follow James Marshall’s The Five Intents.

I’ll leave the animalistic, sexual intent to the Latinas.

Let’s start with I Want To Meet You.

It’s a simple principle. I see the girl and walk over to her with the mindset of ‘I want to meet you.’ I don’t know what’s going to happen after that, but I know that I like the look of her, I’m curious, and therefore I want to meet this girl.

James Marshall states, “Think, feel, project and internalize ‘I want to meet you’ and take a step.”

Second Intent: I Think You’re (Uniquely) Beautiful

Direct game isn’t simply an opener. It’s a way of life. When I open a girl with this mindset, it isn’t just because “I think you’re beautiful.” There’s something unique with every girl. For example, I generally do this right now, but if I see a hipster girl, I’d say, “Excuse me, that’s the most unique, hipster look I’ve seen all fuckin’ day and I had to say hi.”

If I say that from my balls, from my gut, and from my heart, then the intention has been delivered with the words.

Most importantly: It’s not a line.

Third Intent: I Want To Know You (work on this)

The third intent is closely related to the third principle of natural seduction which is emotional impact. This is the next step in my journey to become a master pickup artist.

This third intent is about creating an emotional connection, showing her that she’s had an impact on me emotionally.

If I ask a girl, “What do you do?”, “Why do you do that?”, “What do you love to do?”, and my intention is to ask questions and get through to the next step of seduction, she’ll feel that. That I’m not really listening, I really don’t give a shit, and therefore, she’s not going to want to reveal herself.

However, if I open space inside myself to receive, and show her that I’m actually curious, with my intention of I Want To Know You – not your name, not your job – I want to know who YOU are as an individual person, that’s very, very gratifying for the girl.

She’s going to want to express herself and reveal herself to me.

Fourth Intent: I Want YOU

This is the classic sexual intent principle JP taught me. At some point in the interaction, the girl needs to know that I, as a man, want her as a woman.

Otherwise, I can fall into that very common trap of having playful, friendly, maybe interesting conversation, but not communicating with her that I want to fuck her.

It’s very validating to a woman. As long as I’m not doing it in a creepy, sleezy way – as long as I’m receiving the feedback that I’m putting too much pressure or being too overt and adjust that – then eating her alive with your eyes, looking at her like a delicious piece of meat, is going to arouse her.

So sometime in the interaction think, feel and project “I want you.”

However, don’t only project that. Like what I’ve been doing recently, since it is creepy, but once that message is communicated with her, there’s no doubt why I’m trying to get her phone number.

It’s clear that if I want to see her again, it’s sex.

Fifth Intent: Let’s do this (pull the trigger)

This is about leadership, me taking charge, and going for what I want. Remember, what’s the point of me talking to a girl? It’s to show her I’m interested, find out how she’s like, let her know what I’m like, and then continue this.

I should be like, “Listen, you’re sexy, you’re fun, you’re interesting, I really want to see you again. So, what’s your number and we’ll meet.”

My intention there is “Let’s do this,” it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be great for you and me, I’m not coming from a begging frame, I’m not hoping she’s going to do it, I’m not tentatively checking, I’m not waiting for permission, I’m going for it.

I’m pulling the fucking trigger.


Part II: External Missions

First Exercise: Look At The World At Eye Line

This exercise is deceptively simple, because it is.

Don’t look down, because that gets you into your own little headspace. Slouching isn’t a confident posture.

Remember: Body effects mind, which effects emotion.

So when I don’t look the world at eye line, I’m closing my world down.

Second Exercise: Think, Feel, and Project

After standing tall and looking people in the eye, I start to charge my looks with a message. So, as I’m walking down the street, I see a girl walking toward me, I look her in the eyes, and I allow myself to feel what she makes me feel.

And then I think, feel, and project one word into her.

So I look her in the eyes and think to myself and I think to her: Yes, Fuck, Sexy, Babe.

IMPORTANT: Just one word. Either one of those words above.

Very simple message that I allow myself to feel and project it out through my eyes.

This has a very powerful effect on a girl, because once I align my psychology, and my body and my emotions all together and I start to project things out into the world, people do feel and receive that message.

IMPORTANT: The word is just an anchor for me to be clear about my feelings.

MOST IMPORTANT: The reason why James is getting me to limit myself to one word is that it makes me focus on the expression of what I’m saying less than the content.

This exercise – and all exercises involving intent – is less about the word itself and more about expression.

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