Text Game Strategy

I’ll say it: Texting sucks.

I’ve read different texting strategies from various PUAs, but until I get a grasp on the situation, I’m going to utilize my old texting model I used on Nicole.

My Text Game Strategy:

The Opener:

Let’s say I have a great conversation with a girl and I snag her number.

What I’ll do after the initial interaction is I’ll send a pinging text. For example, “Hey [name], it was nice meeting you ;)”

I may experiment with James Marshall’s text opener which is, “Had a good feeling when I saw you at the library. Glad I said hello, let’s catch up soon ;)”


After that I’ll have a flirty back and forth conversation while utilizing Todd V’s Text Game Model.


After the flirty banter, I’ll use a Yes Ladder, find out her schedule, before going for the close.


Let’s say she’s busy for the next few days and the earliest she can meet is three days from now.

What I’ll do is wait two days, before pinging value into the void. It could be a meme I found on google, a text of what I did today, etc. As long as I get her remembering who I am and the emotions associated with me, I’m good.

Once she responds to the text, we’ll have a tiny bit of flirty banter.

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • Don’t schedule a date on Friday or Saturday. Girls usually have shit going on then
  • Best days for dates are Sunday and Thursday; Tuesday, Wednesday are good too
  • If a girl flakes (ie. “I have to take care of my niece”), don’t reschedule, but instead respond with, “Aight no problem, I’ll text ya when I’m free next time”

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