Time to Cut off Alcohol

This post serves as a mini field report / rant. This may not apply to many – if not most – guys, but it sure as hell applies to me.

That’s fuckin’ it. I’m done with alcohol.

No more wine, beer, hard liquor, I’m done.

Lots of guys state alcohol loosens them up and actually improves their game. I don’t know if it’s my genetics or social conditioning, but booze universally kills my game. It can be the day of or the day after.

If it’s the day of, I get into this introverted mode where I don’t feel like talking to anyone and prefer to browse Quora. If I do get into a conversation, it’s sloppy; no skill; no discipline; just a total mess.

Meanwhile, if I drink alcohol and game the day after, I’m stricken with a brain fog that impedes the quality of my verbal skills.

I’ll have a vague idea of what I’m supposed to accomplish during my game session and I carry it out in the most sub-par manner.

In addition, my ability to emotionally connect, project sexual intent, or qualify a girl retards substantially. When I try to practice anything inner game related (ie. sexual intent, emotional impact), I find it difficult to accomplish due to a foggy lull in my emotions.

I’ll give an example:

On Sunday, 12/07/20, I ran into this hard HB 8 in Chicago; a rare occurrence in Chicago filled with 6s and 7s. I knew my objective was to try and connect emotionally with her, but brain fog led to confusion and terrible calibration.

Despite my blunders, she stayed in set for three minutes. I could have – should have – switched from “approaching from the heart” to “approaching from the balls.”

I knew this.

But my slow reaction time and lack of clarity fucked everything up.

Henceforth, I’m going to cut off alcohol from my life. Not even a single drink since it’s negative effects carry on into the next day.

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