Real Connection Happens In A State of Play

Real connections happens in a state of play” – John Keegan

After expressing my frustrations on Facebook and Reddit, I’ve discovered I’m not using the most optimal approach to “emotionally impact” a woman.

I’ve tried meditation, clearing my body before affixing my awareness at chest level, and tried approaching from the heart.

This is all fine and dandy.

However, it isn’t particularly useful to a guy who has trouble comprehending and embodying a curious mindset.

See, I felt projecting sexual intent, qualifying a girl, and portraying myself as a high-value guy wasn’t too difficult for me to pick up.

It involves projecting my desires and putting my best foot forward no matter the circumstances.

However, after watching James Marshall interview John Keegan on how he personally emotionally connects with a girl, I think he brought up an excellent solution: Be playful.

As I see it, this is practical and easy enough to implement at a person-by-person basis.

While lots of guys may think this is common sense, this is incredibly revolutionary to how I plan to emotionally impact a woman.

As of now, I’ve tried feigning empathy, wishing or trying to force some sort of connection between the girl and myself. It just doesn’t work unless the girl is really into me.

Here’s a few gold nuggets I’ve dug up regarding talking to a girl from a state of play by John Keegan:

Playfulness and sincerity. That’s what she wants to see from you. When we’re in a state of play, we lose track of time.

A girl may believe you shouldn’t meet a guy on the streets or in a public venue, but in a state of play, she leaves that. Then, that’s where you two can actually connect. And you connect beyond your job title, beyond the basic resume stuff, but real connection can happen in a state of play.

That’s why learning to be playful, cultivating spontaneity is really a major deal to becoming great at seduction.

When you operate from instinct – and not outcome or ego driven – you naturally get into the joy of play. The joy of fun. The joy of process.

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