12/16/20 – Thank Fuck My Game is Coming Back (At Malls)

Holy shit, thank god I’m starting to get comfortable at indoor malls.

On 12/16/20, Wednesday, I decided to hit up Mayfair Mall with the objective of calibrating toward my selected target; but most importantly, get adjusted to operating in indoor venues.

I’m starting to feel less and less anxious talking to girls inside venues where people can eavesdrop and judge my game.

Now, there’s a caveat, of course.

Namely, while I can hit up chicks inside stores, I find it difficult to approach in hallways and spaces between said stores. This is where most foot traffic is – and consequently, women I’m interested in.

Nevertheless, I did three approaches and only one is worth writing about.

Approach #1: The Goodwill Hipster

Synopsis: After I stepped out of the bathroom and switched on my recorder, I ran into this cute, I-don’t-know-how-old white hipster girl tucked away in Barnes & Nobles. She was searching for old-school records you’d play on a phonograph for a friend.

Our interaction was short, but I spiked her emotion and generated enough attraction to net a solid number.

She hit me up two hours later, curious about my age. I’m going to treat this as a shit test and play with her a bit (“Obvs I’m 72… can’t you tell by my graying hair?”), before consulting the boys.

What I Did Right:

Approached Confidently with Strong Sexual Intent: I did this despite any ongoing resistance and AA gaming within indoor venues. When I approached Margot, she could feel sexual energy radiate from me and responded with a big smile before I uttered a word.

Fast Texting by Running with My Old Texting Model: While I’m currently at a standstill with Margot at the moment, she was invested by using the old Todd V Texting Model I utilized on my ex. This proves that I shouldn’t strictly use texting just for logistics and setting up the date.

I believe having a little bit of flirty banter, followed by using a Yes Ladder, and then setting up a date is best.

After that, then a tiny bit of flirting interim, especially if the date is 3-4 days away.

Good Calibration: When Margot began stepping away from me, I realized she was too overwhelmed by my value. I calibrated by “lowering my value”, per se, and starting using comfort in the form of, “I was out buying something, then all of a sudden, I meet this really cute Hipster girl. I was about to go, but… I decided I couldn’t miss this opportunity.”

Sticking Points:

Not As Smooth As Usual, But I’m Getting There: My game quality is starting to significantly increase compared to when I first started gaming in indoor venues. Keep it up.

Too Many Compliments: I admit, I complimented Margot a bit too much. If I had to guess, she has relatively low self-esteem, considering she seems 18-19 years old. Maybe tone it down a bit.

Not Enough Qualifiers: Yes, I used qualifiers, but not as much as I’d like. For this girl, it was mostly premise based statements, with a sprinkle of qualifiers tossed it. In reality, it should be the other way around. Make her invested, make her view me as a cool guy, and then I’m solid.

Comments: Try breaking through the remnants of my mall AA by approaching girls outside stores

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-RYkNpAnDc

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