12/19/20 – Lessons in Calibration With u/part2pete

This article serves as a field report and PUA case file on u/part2pete. It will be broken up into several categories after the initial summary. If you want to skip to one of the categories, it will be outlined in bold.

On Saturday, 12/19/20, I decided to hit up Chicago a bit early to meet up and wing with r/CovertPickup moderator u/part2pete. I arrived at Chicago a bit early, donning a low-cut white t-shirt, black jeans, necklace, rings, and pants chain – the quintessential fuckboy look.

While I rarely wear the outfit during my game sessions, I figured I’d experiment around with it in Chicago.

I’m not sure if it’s the outfit itself, but looking like an absolute fuckboy truly transcends how women interact with you.

In the seduction aspect – for worse.

Since I associated myself with what I wore that specific day, I felt myself projecting strong sexual intent (and less calibration) than I usually do. That, and the excitement of gaming with a pickup artist who actually knows what the fuck he’s doing.

Maybe that’s why I didn’t do too well today? A mix of excitement (which lead to me speaking way too fast in set), heavy miscalibration, and fatigue as we both gamed in Chicago for literally six hours.

Section One:

PUA Report: u/part2pete

  1. He’s a super relaxed guy who has a more chill, passive game style compared to my structured, sexual intent based game.
  2. His primary PUA instructor is James Tusk, while mine are Todd V and James Marshall.
  3. He’s great at hooking, incrementing attraction, and consequently, doesn’t need to approach as much. Compare this to my game style, which is far more polarizing, but currently requires calibration.

Overall, like all PUAs dedicated to game, we respect and build off each other. If it wasn’t for either of us, I doubt we’d be able to stick out a six hour game session.

Section Two:

Lessons Learned and Recommendations

u/part2pete is a more experienced PUA than I am. I was incredibly excited working with a guy who knew what the fuck he was talking about and not some newbie who merely dabbled in game. During our six hour game session, he offered valuable lessons primarily geared toward my sticking point: calibration.

  1. The 10 Second Rule: A majority of girls don’t know what’s going on during the initial 10 seconds of the set. It’s a big “wtf does this guy want” moment for them. So, step back, hands up, and offer a statement of empathy. For example, “Hey, I know this is incredibly random and out of the blue, but I thought you looked absolutely adorable and I had to say hi.”
  2. Slow Your Mind Down: He knew I was excited meeting a PUA who knew what he was doing, so consequently, my mind rushed and I spoke waaaaay too fast in set. It’s probably one of the reasons why I performed so poorly compared to going out solo.

    He recommended that I get a grasp of the girl’s emotions by slowing my mind down, calibrating to her overall response, and speak slowly, but with sexual intent since that’s how my game works.
  3. Approaching 2-sets or 3-sets Isn’t Scary: A big one for me. I always exclusively approached 1-sets during my game sessions. I figured handling a girl’s friends would be a pain in the ass and consequently, just not worth it.

    After pushing me to try it out, I discovered my target’s friends loved my directness and offered me social proof. Interestingly enough, this boosted my attraction level overall.

Section Three:

Field Report: 12/19/20 – Shit Tests Galore

Synopsis: At the 5 1/2 hour mark of our game session, I was dead tired. My legs hurt, I was fatigued, and endured a few blowouts before spotting this blonde white girl carrying bags of shopping clothes. She was a solid 8, but threw me a ton of shit tests. As if she really wanted to test how persistent I was.

I admit, I wasn’t at the top of my game due to the three aforementioned reasons above, but I tried my fucking best despite my current state of mind.

At the end, she was indeed a flake, and I could easily figure out why that was the case. But it’s good to catalogue.

What I Did Right:

Sticking It Out: If I’m proud of anything, it’s the fact I tried to game Elma to the best of my ability after nearly six hours infield. I wanted to call it quits, I wanted to go home so badly. My legs hurt, my body drained, but I still gave it my all.

Emotional Spikes: I spiked Elma’s emotions often in set. She laughed quite a bit due to a few cold readers, qualifiers, etc.

Persistence: This girl was relatively unique in the sense she wanted to examine how far I would push. How long would I stay in set despite the fact I threw the book at her game-wise. She gave me the silent treatment at times, as if checking if I was a real man or a push-over who’d crawl away with his tail between his legs.

Sticking Points:

Too Gamey: My game felt totally unnatural. I didn’t bother getting to know the girl, but instead filled my interaction with qualifiers, premise-based statements, and game techniques. I believe Todd V would say I poured the whole fuckin’ spice jar on the conversation; while game should simply be sprinkled in.

Social Fatigue: Elma was the last girl I approached that day and I was socially burned out. Since I didn’t have the brain power to run proper game, I fell back on my training in it’s most basic form.

Negative Ladder: This girl said ‘no’ so many freakin’ times in set. I knew I was fucked when I kept hearing ‘no’ over and over.

Failing Shit Tests: Elma gave me a tooooon of shit tests in set. A majority of the time, I simply tried answering them logically instead of using misinterpretation or agree/exaggerate.

Comments: Calm down, speak slow, so I can calibrate and project sexual intent

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd1r8_UVHmg

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