International PUA Journey: Bogota, Colombia

It’s time I follow the footsteps of Roosh V and begin my flag hunting journey – starting with Colombia.

After talking with JP during our 1-on-1, he sold me on hitting up Colombia as my first international pickup journey.

He said the girls were so sweet and feminine – better yet, affectionate. When you combine all three aspects in a woman, I’m making plans ASAP. I’ve heard similar stories from guys who traveled to Colombia. If this is all true, I can’t wait to head over and notch up.

UPDATE: After JP responded to my question, he said comfort is paramount in Colombia. It will take me 4-6 hours to pull a girl. Even JP said it took him a long time to pull; the upside is, they’re not boring at all. They’re fun, feminine women that I’ll enjoying being around.

When it comes to Todd V’s System, focus heavily on Narrative. For example, when I open a girl, take her to a Starbucks/restaurant -> Go to a bar or club -> After that, see if you can pull. If not, keep moving her.

You need to focus on leading + comfort.

It will take me all night, but there’s an incredibly high chance I will get laid if I stick it out and get to know the girl.

During my trip, I’ll use only one opener instructed by JP:

In English it is, “Excuse me! Hey, my name is Adam, I just moved here from the United States and you had the cutest look – I wanted to come meet you.”

If we translate that to Spanish it is, “Disculpame! Hola, me llamo Adam. Me acabo de mover de Estados Unidos y estoy aquí por un ratico, pero estas muy bonita, y te quería decir hola.”

Let’s break that down:

  • “Hola, me llamo Adam” = “Hello, I’m called Adam”
  • “me acabo” = “I just”
  • “de mover de Estados Unidos” = “moved from the United States”
  • “y estoy” = “and I’m”
  • “aqui por un” = “here for a”
  • “ratico” = “while”

Words That I’m Having Trouble Comprehending:

  • “acabo” = “just”


  • On Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday hit up Zona T (aka Zona Rosa) venues (ie. Andino Shopping Mall, Santa Ana Mall, the streets, etc).
  • On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday hit up a few college girls at University City of Bogota; however, return before 6pm, because that’s when it gets dangerous at night.
  • On Tuesday night, hit up Vintrash for Gringo Tuesday at Zona Rosa
  • On Thursday night, hit up Video Club. MyLatinLife said it’s his top suggestion to meet people.
  • On Friday night, hit up Video Club.
  • On Saturday night, hit up Dembow Bar.
  • On Sunday night, hit up Theatron again.
  • Best time to hit up Zona T malls are 4:30-7:00 pm according to Colombia PUAs
  • I’ll have higher value as a foreigner in college campuses in Colombia. However, these areas can be dangerous outside the campus. So, my goal is to take an Uber into the colleges, game the girls, and relocate to her place or take an Uber to my airbnb.
  • Game concepts to practice in Colombia:
    • Same Day Lays
    • Relying on and projecting sexual intent
  • If asked, “Why are you in Colombia/Bogota?” My response will be, “I’m here to study Spanish, but I really love how lively and fun Colombian people are.”
  • When I first hit up Bogota Thursday night, go immediately to my airbnb, put my luggage down, and take an Uber to the area surrounding Armando Records. The club itself is expensive, but we’re directly in the nightlife spotlight within that area.
  • Jump between Chapinero and Zona T. I will have higher foreigner status in Chapinero, but it’s more dangerous at night

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