12/29/20 – Handling the Illusive 9

On 12/29/20, I ventured off to Mayfair Mall after nearly a week long break in Missouri. Thankfully, I didn’t notice a decrease in my game ability, since pickup is one of the few skills that vanishes fast.

I did four approaches – two were married, so I didn’t push the set any further – and only one is worth writing about.

Approach #1The HB 9 Stripper

Synopsis: After doing 3 approaches, I wandered around Mayfair Mall for a bit. I saw this cute hipster looking girl. Incredibly hot and honestly, I was about to skip since I hesitated for a split-second. Fuck it, I turned around and did the approach anyway.

She was super chill. Like, her personality reminded me of a sloth. Relaxed 24/7, a true neutral 100% of the time. I tried push-pull, qualifiers, but didn’t project as much sexual intent as I’d like to.

She was a stripper from Madison, WI. She knew her value-level and honestly, wasn’t surprised I approached her.

What I Did Right:

Tried Emotional Spiking: With Olivia, I knew since I didn’t want to lose her, I began playing it safe for a few minutes. The accursed “conversation to nowhere” as Todd says. Once this realization kicked in, I began emotionally spiking the conversation which caused her to utter a few laughs.

She was a tough cookie, but at least I made a few breakthroughs.

Stayed In Set Despite Constant Neutrality: Even when she was about to leave, I knew taking her number right then and there would have resulted in a flake. That’s when I started changing directions and began playing to win.

Qualifiers When Fit: I had her qualify a few times to try and make the number solid. But she was incredibly hot. I felt like I should have tossed in a ton more qualifiers.

Sticking Points:

Too Game-y: I felt like I tried doing too many cold reads, push-pulls, and was too gamey in general. Since it’s rare meeting a 9 in Milwaukee, I fell back to my default game in hopes I could secure a solid number.

Slight Nervousness: It’s rare you meet a really hot girl in Milwaukee. Due to lack of experience, I was slightly nervous. It showed when I laughed a little too much at my own jokes, at what she says, etc

Boring Conversation + Interview Questions: Since I was playing to not lose most of the time, I did lots of interview questions at the start. Yeah, I tried making it fun and playful, but it was a “safe” fun and playful, if that makes any sense.

Thankfully, I realized this a few minutes in, and my mindset shifted from playing to not lose, to playing to win.

Should Have Gone For Instadate: She was really complying and displayed verbal IOIs in set more than a few times. For example, she said she didn’t have any plans throughout the week, was planning to go home, etc.

I felt like she wanted me to go for the instadate, perhaps pull if my game was solid enough.

If I had to guess, a guy asking her for a phone number isn’t enough for her – she wanted a guy who could push the boundaries and see how far he could go.

Comments: Remember, 8s, 9s, and 10s need a ton more qualifiers than the average girl

Audio infield here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNAQFXeIpAU

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