Interview Questions + Witty/Flirty Banter After Her Response

When it comes to early game, I project far too much value; particularly if a girl is neutral after the open. It’s all attraction with no substance.

I recall countless times a girl was anxious after my approach. Worse yet, it’s visibly obvious by her body language (ie. fidgeting, nervous tonality, etc) she’s uncomfortable.

Since I rarely go out infield to practice establishing comfort, my “game reflects” kick in and I respond by showering her with more value (ie. “Omg, it’s always the adorable ones. You’re the biggest troublemakers out there.”).

It’s uncalibrated, unnecessary, with that time spent getting to know the girl to establish comfort.

What happens afterward? The girl tells me she has a boyfriend, she scatters off to God knows where, and I lose the set.

After speaking with fastlife15 – and from personal experience – it’s acceptable to use interview style questions during the comfort phase. As long as I follow up her response with a tease + witty banter.

A good example is when I gamed Polish Paulina in Downtown Chicago. I had a perfect mix of witty banter + comfort (interview style or personal questions + witty banter after her response).

A bad example was today on 01/05/21 at Mayfair Mall. I met this super cute emo chick. She was incredibly anxious after my approach. At first she told me she had a boyfriend and had to meet him, but I pushed on and did a tiny bit of comfort. After I asked her again what she was doing… she said she was merely shopping lol

That was a clear-cut sign she wanted me to establish a more comfortable environment to game her in. It was painstakingly obvious to the untrained eye.

What did I do instead? Well… “Omg, it’s always the adorable ones. You’re the biggest troublemakers out there.”

Jesus Christ.

She simply said, “Uhhh, I gotta go it was nice meeting you!” before almost literally running off to I-don’t-know.

Henceforth, if I sense an awkward silence in set – just ask a simple interview style question.

You know how to respond afterward 😉

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