01/23/21 – Dealing with A Tinge of Oneitis

On Saturday, 01/23/2020, I ventured off to Bayshore Mall – mostly since I needed a break from Chicago – and only ran two sets. This wasn’t due to laziness or because I’m burning out from game. No, I felt I made a “breakthrough mistake” yesterday; namely, how not to be needy when dealing with incredibly feminine women.

It’s just so rare meeting an American woman who radiates femininity. It wasn’t that we clicked, I just didn’t know how to handle her.

She was highly receptive to all my qualifiers, push-pulls, and hardly gave any resistance. It was good. Too good. And I felt it wasn’t a trick either. She was genuinely into me – or so I thought.

Let’s get to the approach:

Approach #1The Feminine Jewess

Synopsis: I ran into Megan, an Ashkenazi Jew / American girl, close to Barnes and Nobles at Bayshore Mall. Right off that bat, she was glowing. Her voice, demeanor, and personality just radiated positivity and femininity.

Despite the fact I spoke waaaaay too fast off the open, it didn’t matter to her. I was a confident guy who made his move and she rolled with it.

I took her on an instadate within 5 minutes of meeting her. As expected, it went well, but due to her feminine nature, I began betaing down pretty hard.

At the end, I tried to close to her place, but she had plans for a “girls night out” on Saturday, so I number closed instead.

I spoke to fastlife15 regarding text game and how to handle Megan. He gave me a ton of great advice, but I felt her personality was – how can I say this – soft?

We texted back and forth, but at the end, she flaked by saying, “she wasn’t interested in seeing someone right now”.


Sticking Points:

Too Beta At Times: I think I went overboard on the compliments during my interaction with Megan. To be fair, she really did check off a ton of good girl attributes I’d love to see in a girl. While I did compliment her a lot, it was (mostly) genuine.

Nervous Close To Her Place: This was my second attempt trying to close to her / my place. It wasn’t remotely as bad compared to when I closed on Catalina, but still needs alooooot of work.

Should Have Lead Her More: I recall an instance during Starbucks when the conversation stagnated. When I felt the lull coming along, I should have spontaneously had her walk around “coincidentally” at a bar.

If I did that, I would have a.) Successfully established a more dominant frame b.) Lead her to our second instadate venue.

No matter, this serves as a learning lesson when I hit Bogota.

At the End, It Still Hurts That She Flaked: God, Megan was so feminine. It’s a god damn shame I lost her. Let me tell you guys, I don’t feel pain when a girl flakes on me; shit, I view it as an excellent learning lesson. But this! This Jewish girl felt like something else.

Today, I vented out my frustrations by googling shit like, “Why is game so hard?”, “She breaks rules for alphas, but makes them for betas.” Self-defeating, painful shit.

I need to learn to let go.

I spoke to fastlife15 about this and he gave me good advice: “Borrow some of your future abundance (which you will have if you stick with this), and imagine you have 10 hotties on your arm right now. And realize no matter how this set goes, you’ll learn from it.”

Self-Reliance When It Comes to Text Game (don’t post on Reddit): This is the umpteenth time I fucked up via text game by becoming too self-reliant on wings. This is a red pill moment for me. Trust in myself. I can do this. I have all the knowledge in my head to text the right thing to a girl.

What I Did Right:

Good Balance Between Value and Comfort: While it sucked I beta’d down a bit too much, I killed it by perfectly balancing value + comfort. Which leads to the final point…

At the End, Megan Was Still Receptive Overall: … and excited to see me. If I ran too much value, I would have easily killed the set. If I ran too much comfort, both Megan and I would have gotten bored pretty fast.

Despite my numerous mistakes, I did more things right than I did wrong.

Comments: I need to establish a more dominant frame when dealing with feminine girls. Remember, do not beta down!

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTQbZaSchSo

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