02/05-06/21 – Why’re You Talking Shit About Everybody?

On 02/05/21, Friday, I traveled down to Atlanta, GA to meet up with u/fastlife15 for a weekend.

After my brief excursion into ATL, I can soundly say it’s excellent for night game and easily trumps Milwaukee’s bar and club scene by a mile.

I personally don’t vibe with the predominant rap / hip-hop subculture prevalent in Atlanta, nor do I have any particular interest in black girls; if that’s your thing, you’d love both ATL day and night game.

In any other case, I popped into ATL at 9:45PM EST and met up with u/fastlife15 shortly after. Really fucking cool dude. It was fucking amazing watching him operate infield. He’s able to generate – and most importantly, keep – attraction in mere seconds.

He offered me sound advice that I’ll need to practice, especially if I want to focus on physical escalation / handling pressure for same day lays.

Namely – do night game.

As is, I exclusively niche down on day game, since:

a.) I’m comfortable approaching girls in a one-on-one situation with no competition whatsoever. Everything hinges upon my game.

b.) It’s quiet. No loud, bothersome environments to power through. No cockblocking friends. No group dynamics (well, a little). It’s peaceful.

Meanwhile, night game is like WW2 all over again.

Chaotic, brutal, and ego-crushing.

It felt uncomfortable handling pressure over and over again on both Friday and Saturday night.

But overall, I had a great time in Atlanta. My experience was how I imagined it to be: High intensity, filled with small breakthroughs in game.

Let’s get back to the report:

On Friday night, we hit up Buckhead and did numerous approaches. However, only one is worth writing about:

02/05/21Approach #1The Latina and Her Fuck Buddy Ginger

Synopsis: After stepping into the back patio of a club I don’t remember, I saw this isolated Latina girl texting on her phone. She was a hard HB 6, well-dressed, and friendly.

I knew I didn’t want to go for a day game open, but fuck it, what else do I know?

I fumbled with the open, but eventually decided on, “Excuse me, that outfit kind of reminds me of home. Very Chicagoan vibe. Don’t tell me you’re from Atlanta, ‘cuz you’d be a liar.”

At first, the Latina was slightly confused, but she stayed in set. I admit, it felt a bit awkward after the open, but I knew I didn’t want to bounce. This was night game, goddamit, real character gets built here. So I stuck it out – and thank fuckin’ god I did.

I rambled about the most random shit: how I got my necklace from a shaman; qualifying the Latina’s “improper Spanish” with my busted ass gringo Spanish; how the Latina would be the only brown girl in Japan – in a matter of fact, it’d be pretty funny seeing her in a traditional kimono; etc.

And magically, I somehow hooked + qualified her on a topic about the temperature of her home country Mexico lol

I don’t know how, it wasn’t logical even for a day game point of view, but I ramped up attraction hard.

We began vibing pretty good. She qualified herself so, so many times. And I knew by her giggly, playful demeanor I was charging head-first in the right direction.

Then, who u/fastlife15 and I assumed was her fuck buddy popped in outta nowhere.

He was a pale ginger, tall, and apparently he knew the Latina for about a week.

Thankfully, Fast Life ran interference really fuckin’ good and allowed me to game the Latina even further.

I tried moving her, but her fuck buddy kept at her side; hell, he was threatened by my appearance and wrapped his arm around her; especially when he saw the Latina and I face-to-face, a mere inch or two apart.

At the end, it didn’t work out due to logistical errors that couldn’t be fixed.

What I Did Right:

Found Logistics Early: Relatively early during the interaction, I discovered the Latina came here with “a friend” she knew for a week.

Persistent, Good Game: Especially since I haven’t practiced night game in months. While it wasn’t as solid compared to day game, it was manageable and “good enough”. Many times, that’s all you need.

Sticking Points:

Closed Too Early: Tried moving the Latina a bit too early to the dance floor. That, or should have tried to subtly move her a bit instead of checking if she could dance.

Lead More: If I lead her a bit more, there’s a distinct possibility I could have avoided the Latina’s fuck buddy. Even a few feet or at another part of the bar could have worked. Of course, that means I established enough value + comfort before hand.

Comments: Favorite set of the weekend. Shows what I can do during night game under pressure.

Once we finished our game session on Friday night, we hit up a few day game venues Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t eventful, but provided information required to get a grasp on Atlanta culture and logistics.

The real shit went down Saturday night.

u/fastlife15 called up u/RaptorMan333 and we night gamed out in Midtown Atlanta.

Fast Life gave me hands-down the best night game opener I’ve ever used. It seems offensive, but draws so much emotional investment from the girl right off the bat.

“Why’re you talking shit about everyone?”

“What?! I’m not talking shit!”

“It’s ‘cuz I work at WalMart isn’t it?”

After that, I simply smile and run normal game. The girl is usually invested enough to stay in set. However, if you half-ass the opener or sound unsure, the girl sees right through your bluff and blows you off. It’s imperative you use this opener with high energy, perhaps even sound a little offended like she really did talk shit about you.

Play into the role. It’s fun as fuck as is.

In any other case, both guys are excellent wingmen and served as good interceptors when AMOGs or rivals decided to (try) and crash our parade. I distinctly recall two sets where this occurred that I’ll be recording in this field report.

02/06/21Approach #1The Mate Guarding Dude

Synopsis: After spotting a girl with a few other guys who Fast Life and I assumed were her friends, I initially opened with, “Why’re you talking shit about everybody?”

Right in the middle of my opener though, a dude leeeeeeans the fuck in, and I begin breaking frame (due to the fact I seriously don’t know how to handle pressure). It was a mixture of confusion and the fact this guy clearly saw me as a threat toward his girl.

I was well-dressed, confident enough to approach solo, and I knew I fucked up by breaking frame.

The girl scoffed and said: “Was that your pickup line?”

I knew I had to agree and exaggerate to pass this shit test and I said, “Pfft, of course, you’re like the 100th girl I said this to tonight.”

Surprisingly enough, she didn’t leave, blow me off, but stayed in set.

I decided to go off random topics off the top of my head. It didn’t make sense, but I had to keep rambling until I hooked her somehow.

“By the way, I knew this is super random, but your city is fuckin’ popping.”

“Oh yeah, where are you from?”

“Chicago. It’s hella locked down over there.”

I don’t recall the rest of the conversation, but it was cut short after I made my target laugh and slightly hook over a trivial topic.

After that, the guy leaned over to me and Fast Life and said, “Hey buddy, I think it’s time you go.”

Fast Life ran interference, but we respectfully bowed out and went our separate ways.

What I Did Right:

Stayed In Set Despite Pressure: Very proud of this one. Not only did I run decent game after a shaky ass hell opener, but I didn’t bounce at the first sight of intimidation by some girl’s jealous ass boyfriend.

Sticking Points:

Learn How To Handle Boyfriends/Group Dynamic: I’m a straight-up day gamer who doesn’t have experience handling groups or girls with actual boyfriends. What I generally do is politely bounce off once I discover the girl’s friend is actually her boyfriend. Nothing more, nothing less.

Comments: N/A

02/06/21Approach #2So Close, Yet So Far

Synopsis: Fast Life, Raptor Man, and I went downstairs to this karaoke bar filled with people. I’m talking shoulder to shoulder. No masks. It was fucking awesome, but hella loud.

We lost Raptor Man, but Fast Life and I spotted this cute, but incredibly drunk boujie white girl. She was an easy target and I opened with, “Hey! Why’re you talking shit about everybody?”


“It’s cuz I work at WalMart, isn’t it?”

She laughed it off and immediately began asking personal questions. It wasn’t long until she began grinding against me. With Fast Life surveying the set, I received a text which instructed me to make out with her. She was highly attracted, but my comfort level must have been waaaaaay low.

I squeezed her ass, which caused her to utter an, “Ooooh!” followed by a big grin.

I went for the kiss, but she pulled back.

“Noooo I have a boyfriend and I love him.”

Yeah, sure, that’s why you’re grinding up against a dude and letting him squeeze your ass with no resistance.

The hamstering was real, but my comfort level was not.

I pulled back after passing her shit test with, “Damn, he must be a cool dude, I’d fuck him too,” before chatting her up a bit.

At the end, it didn’t go anywhere, but I felt like with a few minor tweaks to blow past her ASD I’d be solid.

What I Did Right:

Went for Physical Escalation Early On: If I followed the traditional Todd V model of Open -> Premise -> Evaluate -> Narrative -> Close, it would have taken me ages to capitalize on this girl’s attraction.

Sticking Points:

Using Day Game Type Verbals: What I mean is running low-energy, interview style questions that spirals into a high-value / emotional spiking type of response.

This works better during day game.

However, when operating in the night trenches, using spontaneous, high-energy verbals rolling off the girl’s response works best.

Comments: N/A

02/06/21Approach #3Birthday Girl And Her Cockblocking Friend

Synopsis: After bar hopping a few times, I was opened by this drunk birthday girl while scouting for targets. All I heard was, “It’s my birthday!” as this white girl jumped on and hugged me.

The set was short, but memorable.

I immediately took advantage of the situation by running verbal game and physically escalating via getting handsy with the birthday girl.

My girl was super receptive and as shit was getting good, I felt a hand press against my chest, “She’s my girlfriend.”

Her friend sporting a white wool top popped in, forearm blocking my advances toward the birthday girl. In hindsight, I should have dealt with the friend, but simply ejected out of set.

After consulting Fast Life, he said I should have handled the cockblocker by not getting too handsy with my target so fast and befriending her.

What I Did Right:

Rapid Escalation: It truly is your mindset that makes or breaks the set. I didn’t feel weird or awkward escalating right off the open. I felt natural without the need to be technical about my game.

Sticking Points:

Failure to Handle Group Dynamic: Since I’m exclusively a day gamer, I don’t have experience handling anything more than a one-set. When the “girlfriend” came in, I didn’t know how to react.

Fast Life stated it’s best if I handle the friends first, while slowly incrementing attraction on my target.

Comments: This set was 100% due to failing to handle group dynamics. Remember to night game groups and handle them accordingly.

02/06/21Approach #4The Portuguese Girl and Lesser PUAs vs Hegemon and r/CovertPickup PUAs

Synopsis: At the end of the night, I was socially exhausted and ready to call it quits. As we walked toward the exit, a super cute Portuguese girl grinned at me despite the fact she was talking to two guys.

God damn, I don’t usually try and AMOG, but I had to.

Unfortunately, I don’t recall much of our interaction. She was receptive at first, but I was too mentally drained to game her properly.

I knew she was insistent on speaking Spanish and asked if I spoke it multiple times. u/RaptorMan333 stated I should have made her switch to English, and in retrospect, was probably the best decision I could have done – but failed to do.

What makes this set so memorable was how effective Raptor Man was at running interference while I ran game on the Portuguese girl.

He handled two beginner – intermediate level PUAs while I ran game on my target.

At the end, she pushed me away and ran back to the other guy.

… But he settled for a phone number, so no one won that night. And ain’t no one is hearing back from the girl.

What I Did Right:

Spontaneous Approach: I knew by her IOI my target wanted me to approach her. She had a big ass smile on her face directed at me. I went for the kill immediately.

Sticking Points:

Utilizing Her BT Properly: The other PUA warmed her up for me. All I needed to do was lead + assert my will and I’d bet she’d remain in set. Yet, I don’t know why, but I felt she’d be a time waster even if I ran solid game. It’s a weird hunch I have.

Comments: Find a way to re-energize yourself socially if you’re exhausted from game.

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