A Dead Bat in Bogota

From 02/12/21 – 02/22/21 I ventured off to Bogota, Colombia in my first ever world game trip to become an international player and to follow the steps of Roosh V.

It was a mixed bag.

Lots of adventure, lots of learning lessons, but no Colombian flag.

I’m not disappointed – but I value the lessons I learned along the way.

Most importantly, the differences between American style game and Colombian game.

Value based game doesn’t work nearly as strong as it does in the States. I’ve tried push-pulls, being mysterious, etc. No dice. Colombianas get confused, even slightly offended since you’re not direct with your intentions. Not verbally direct (at least during night game), mind you, but through your body language and how you say things. She knows you want her and you don’t play any games to do so.

It took me 7 out of the 9 days in Colombia to realize I should run much more comfort game to get laid in Bogota.

Namely – comfort + strong, emotional energy in whatever I say.

It’s not what I say in Colombia, but how I say it.

JP was right: If you want to become successful in Colombia, your game will have to get worse before it gets better.

This report will serve as the Bogota Anthology and will consist of three field reports detailing my adventures in Colombia and with Colombian women.

Before that, however, I will give a few pieces of advice for any aspiring r/CovertPickup traveler looking to hook up with Colombian women:

  • Comfort, comfort, comfort: As an American citizen (I’m assuming), your value is already sky high. I cannot stress this enough – especially if you’re a white male (race doesn’t matter, but you DO get a slight leg up if you’re white). You don’t need to put much effort. Focus on normal conversation, getting to know the girl, and emotionally spiking the interaction by speaking passionately.

    Don’t overdo the push-pulls, qualifiers, or any value based game concepts.
  • Having fun: As a pickup artist, I’m almost always in “terminator mode” during day game. I felt like if I just focused on having fun instead of strategically gaming these girls, I’d have better results.
  • Learn Spanish – even a little bit: I had a massive disadvantage due to the fact I spoke no conversational Spanish. Emotional connection is the name of the game in Colombia and I wasn’t able to accomplish that due to the language barrier.

My only regret is it took me 7 days to realize this.

Overall, I did 76 approaches over the span of 9 days in Colombia. A few are worth logging in this report.

02/12/21The SIM Card Retail Girl

Synopsis: When I first landed in Bogota, I went over to the SIM Card store to connect my international phone. I met this cute Colombiana, mid-late 20s, and highly receptive. No joke, she gave me fuck-me eyes when I was buying my card.

I could feel sexual tension build up between us when I was buying my SIM card lol

At the end, I capitalized on my opportunity by asking when she got off work. When she told me it was until 6am, I had to dip and settled for the phone number instead.

She spoke a little English, but since she was already into me, we texted back and forth often.

Sticking Points: N/A. I felt I did as much as I possibly could. Logistics and her work schedule kinda fucked the set.

What I Did Right:

Capitalized On Opportunities: I knew the SIM Card girl’s attraction for me was sky high. I didn’t go the amateur route and settle for a number. I pushed the set as far as I could by finding out her schedule + trying to pull her to a bar/club early if logistics/time was on my side.

What I Should Do Next Time: N/A. I did the best I could in that situation.

Comments: N/A.

02/13/21The Thieves

Synopsis: After trying my hand at day game in Colombia, I discovered any set I did – despite the language barrier – resulted in a solid phone number. It didn’t matter if the set went terribly, the girl still responded. I felt pretty fuckin’ good about that. A far cry from the United States where girls flaked all the time.

So I decided to try my hand at night game next.

At first, the night went so-so.

I met a few Colombianas, but a majority of them didn’t speak English. I ran into this one crew of English speakers, but I was still running value based game – which consequently confused them.

At the end of the night, I met three hot Colombianas who spoke no English. I ran that sweet Google Translate game which seemed to work lol

They didn’t have anything planned after I asked what they were doing, so I called an Uber and off we went to my airbnb.

I had a bottle of Aguardente (Colombian hard liquor) at my apartment but no beer. Unfortunately, the girls didn’t like it, but they made do. We danced, played raggaeton on my laptop, before they started feeding me shots of Aguardente.

Man, I felt like a pimp bringing home three Colombianas. I should have noted the red flags as my drink had a slightly funny taste to it – and the fact I started feeling sleepy.

It wasn’t long until I blacked out on the bed and I woke up early next morning – sans laptop, cell phone, and peculiarly enough, my recorder I use for day game.

Fuck, I got robbed. Looking back, I didn’t think much of it. My debit card, pesos, and most of my other belongings weren’t stolen. After checking out my bank transactions, no money was lost.

Worst yet, I lost the SIM Card girl’s number and a few other leads I was pursing during my day game sessions.

Sticking Points:

No dar Papaya: “Don’t give papaya”. It’s a Colombian saying to not give opportunities for bad shit to happen to you. I gave alot of papaya that night. Lots of red flags, but I ignored them since I was desperate to collect my Colombian flag.

What I Did Right:

Putting Myself In New Situations: In the United States, I was exclusively a day gamer. While practicing night game, especially in Colombia, I was given the opportunity to learn and think on my toes how to escalate, how to handle groups, and move my way through the social hierarchy with no Spanish.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Be Cautious: Of course, there’s a fine balance between being paranoid and being cautious, but mentally note any red flags I spot from girls.

Comments: Give no papaya, especially in blatantly obvious situations.

02/16/21The Cali Dancer

Synopsis: This is where the real lessons begin.

I read Gringo Tuesdays at Vintrash is where the party is, especially for Colombianas looking to practice their English.

It’s true, but you have to contend with other gringos looking to compete for the small pool of women who hit up the club.

Needless to say, after chatting up a few people early in the night, I ran into this cute Colombiana from Cali. She was a hard HB 6, an aspiring actress, and a dancer with a feisty personality.

She spoke nearly perfect English and given her personality, I figured running my ‘ol American value game would work.

At least, I thought it would.

I spiked her emotions, her BT was running high, and I thought I had this set in the bag.

But all of a sudden, this Leon the Professional lookin’ Argentinian stepped in. He looked harmless, rather introverted so I payed him no mind. He wasn’t a threat. Boy, was I wrong.

He was patient, bidding his time while I verbally fought off AMOGs by stepping into their conversation with the Cali dancer and taking the frame.

The fucker snuck right up under me.

Next thing I know, he’s talking normally with my target. Nothing special from the surface. So I decide to hit the bathroom. I figured she’d ignore him since he seemed so boring and mundane.

I come back – and she’s got her arm wrapped around him!

I was seriously confused.

I mean, who was this guy? I ran picture perfect American game on her, and he’s nuzzling up to this old, balding Leon the Professional lookin’ dude.

They switched from English, and then to Spanish, and then it hit me.

It’s the fact he’s able to relate to her in their mother language. Comfort truly is the name of the game in Colombia. While I may have spiked her BT, what really matters is emotionally connecting with a Colombiana. None of this “clown game” ran in the States.

This was the beginning of my realization that American style game just wouldn’t work in Colombia.

It was surface level, but once I saw the Argentinian pull this girl into an Uber, it really hit me.

I put in all this effort, and some low-energy guy whisks my target away like nothing? My game was lacking and I was beginning to figure that out.

Sticking Points:

High-energy, American style game: This is when I began to realize running Western style game just wouldn’t work. Yes, I fucked up by running value game, but I knew I was doing something wrong…

What I Did Right:

Realizing the Type of Game Required: … Which leads into the next point of running a comfort based game. Getting to know the girl, being fun, not an entertainer, but rather a guy who is into her.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

When In Doubt…: … run comfort game, especially in “easy” countries like Colombia, Poland, Ukraine, etc. If comfort game doesn’t work, switch to American style game.

Comments: God damn Argentinians.

02/18/21The Amazonian Paisa

Synopsis: After some research, I discovered a bar called Meeting House in Santa Fe, Bogota. It’s an international club made for Colombians / gringos to practice a multitude of languages – although, let’s be honest, primarily English.

I met this gigantic Paisa (a person from Medellin), approximately 186cm (6’1”) tall, and with her gay friend. She was a hairdresser, didn’t speak any English, and her friend acted as an intermediary between us.

I took Fast Life’s advice and simply had fun instead of focusing on game.

Since I wasn’t focused on getting laid, I didn’t use many game techniques a PUA would normally use in the States.

All I did was rely on tonality + body language.

She loved it.

Even though it wasn’t ideal her friend acted as a translator between the two of us, I built up comfort by checking out pictures on her phone and making comments on them.

What really took the cake was a little game we played: La Gringa or La Colombiana.

She’d show me pictures (oftentimes risque) on her phone and I’d decide if she’d dress / pose like a white Western girl or a Colombiana. I saw multiple pictures of her in a bikini showing off her gigantic culo, and I’d smirk before nodding and saying ‘la Colombiana’.

It was incredibly fun and it ramped up sexual tension in mere minutes.

When Meeting House closed, I had my arm wrapped around her while the friend chatted with us. What I love about Colombian guys is they simply don’t care if you’re going to fuck their friend – compare that to the US where mate / friend guarding is the norm.

We took an Uber to my airbnb and we started texting dirty shit to each other.

Me: “Que te gusta? Pareces muy dominante” (What do you like? You seem very dominant)

Her: “I like pleasure”

Me: “I’ll show you pleasure”

Her: “yes and how will you show me pleasure”

Me: “You’ll find out”

Her: “yes that rich”

Sweet God, I was moments away from victory. The Colombian flag I so desperately wanted was in the palm of my hands.

But then…

I got impatient. I fucked up so bad. It was such an obvious game mistake and I’ve been kicking myself in the ass for it so hard. I made a stupid, uncalibrated and thirsty move that even normal guys would have avoided.

At the tail end of our Uber drive, I chatted to the Paisa’s friend, “Yo bro, I think she wants to… you know.”


“Yeah man, I think she’s down if you know what I mean.”

“Wai- ohhh…”

The Paisa butts in, “Como?”

As we get out of the Uber he tells he what I said and her ASD kicks in hard. She shakes her head and waves bye to me. I play it cool, non-needy, but secretly inside I’m cursing myself so hard for being so fucking impatient.

Yes, I need to push, push, push the set as far as fucking possible, but this was too uncalibrated. Way too uncalibrated.

Hell, I was so depressed I took the next day off to reflect on my actions and chilled out in my airbnb.

Sticking Points:

Overexcitement: At the end of the night, my focus shifted from having fun to getting the Colombian flag. I got far too excited and wanted to rush things as fast as humanly possible – which killed the set. If I just had a little patience, I have no doubt I would have gotten the notch.

Being WAAAAAY Too Impatient: This leads up to the next point. I was impatient and even though I knew the interaction was going 100% smoothly as possible – my big brain felt it was a good idea to shoo the third wheel off so I can isolate my target.

Handling the Friend: As someone new to night game I had no idea how to isolate the Paisa from her friend. I figured I’d escalate with him in my airbnb and either Uber back to his place or fuck, I don’t know, watch lol if he was a voyeur.

What I Did Right:

Lead, Lead, Lead: I lead the Paisa and her friend into my Uber and pretty much became the alpha of the group. I pulled the trigger when I felt the opportunity was right and moved the interaction forward.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Let Things Flow Naturally: Remember what Fast Life said, you’re banging 10 chicks just like the Paisa. Don’t be in a rush. Just run proper game without your cock getting in the way. If my brain tells me to do something I know is obviously stupid, ignore it.

Just play the cool, calm guy who gets laid all the time.

Comments: Impatience is the enemy. Be calm. Be casual. Let things flow as they may.

02/20/21The Biologist & Fucking Up A Perfect Opportunity with LSD

Synopsis: On my last night in Bogota, I didn’t care about getting laid, but rather just focusing on having fun. My day game sessions started getting good once I realized I should run comfort game + leading, but it was a bit too late to capitalize on my numbers.

At the beginning of the night, I ran into this dude from Luxembourg, his girlfriend, and his roomie.

I focused on idle chit-chat before naturally affixing my attention to his roomie – a Colombiana who spoke very little English, but enough to get by.

She was sweet, initially neutral before I slowly began turning her receptive by “mi practicar Espanol y tu practicar Ingles.”

I had fun giving her compliments and holding fun, random conversations with her, which increased her comfort level.

After I asked her, “tu bailar?”, we went to the dance floor and partied hard; especially since Meeting House was playing techno music that night.

After a while the Luxembourgian pulled me in and whispered, “Do you like her?” To which I looked him in the eye and said, “Yes.”

Like, serious expression, I don’t give a fuck “yes”.

He laughed and said, “Good bro. She’s into you, too. Keep going.”

Thankfully, I learned my lesson with the Paisa a few nights before to not rush the set, so I played it cool the whole night.

Her attraction just kept going up up up!

Once midnight hit, we walked out of Meeting House to hit up an after party, before the Luxembourgian guy stopped us and offered me acid.

Shit, my big brain started formulating plans to escalate and dreamed up the following:

Imagine- we’re in bed together, tripping our asses off. I begin sweet talking her slowly, as we begin moving together. Our hands touch. Then I kiss her. Before sweet, acid-inducing sex.

… But what I didn’t realize is my target was used to tripping out on acid and ingesting lots of drugs.

Meanwhile, I haven’t taken hard drugs in years.


As you can imagine, she handled LSD very well. I got super, super high. Even when I was tripping balls, my mind fixated on game – and consequently, how I was losing my target due to acid.

Aaaaand I had a bad trip. A really bad trip.

I huddled up outside by myself, paranoid, trying to desperately figure out how to handle the set given my current mental state.

No bueno.

At the end of the night, we all went back to their apartment, before my target got tired and fell asleep.

I called an Uber back to my airbnb and that was that.

Sticking Points:

Don’t Do Drugs, Kids: Everything was going so well. I figured popping acid wouldn’t hurt and shit, ease escalation by making us both susceptible to our primal urges. Didn’t happen. Just game sober like I usually do.

What I Did Right:

Good Comfort Game: I spent hours working on my target. She began rubbing my back, devoting attention to me, and when I went for a cigarette, she asked if I’d return. Good IOIs and all I had to do was keep acting normal.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Don’t Do Drugs, Obvs: Title says all lol

Comments: N/A

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