My New Objectives In Game

Fast Life wrote an eye-opening response as to what my game objectives should look like vs what I’ve been doing.

As is, my game is fine.

Now it’s time to set new goals for myself.

Fast Life goals.

Here’s what he said:

Don’t make women your goal: Flags are for poles lol. But it goes beyond that–as soon as you make a woman the goal, you’re already gaming at a massive disadvantage. Your ego starts needing her to preserve or actualize an idealized image of yourself. You put too much pressure on yourself. You put too much pressure on the girl (she wants to aspire to you and see you as the prize). You fuck with your outcome independence. You artificially limit your abundance.

The flags’ll come on their own and then eventually you’ll be like, fuck it, I can’t even remember anymore. Same principle goes for “types” of girls (think the ethnic dudes who pedestalize white girls and then bitch about how they can never fuck them), girls of a certain hotness rating (i.e., the guys who can fuck any girl beside their “perfect ten” or can’t approach legit hotties), girls of a certain “virtue” (the dudes who Madonna-Whore it up and then never get the “good” girl since he never games her proper or thinks she doesn’t want sex or ends up with an undercover slut who never shares her secrets since she can tell he’s judgmental), or doing certain numbers (like how I could never pull 3 new girls in a week when it was a goal for me vs. when I stopped caring about it).

None of these things can be your goal. Just making them a goal will sabotage things for you.

It sounds cheesy, but you gotta make yourself your goal and focus on your actions (fully within your control) instead of the outcomes (not fully within your control) and to base your self-worth on that. 

Better goals would be things likeHave as much fun as possible. Open any girls I like. Open difficult sets. Stay in set until someone tells me to fuck off. Try to pull girls out the venue. See how far I can lead girls on the street. Always escalate. Focus on maintaining my own state and staying upbeat even when girls flake. Etc., etc.

Your results will be way, way better focusing on those things instead of looking at the girl as the prize.

Just food for thought.

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