Returning to the Fold

I’ve spent approximately 1 1/2 years in Milwaukee, WI. Overall, I’d say it’s an ‘ok’ city for game. It’s shadowed by it’s sister city Chicago by a long shot in terms of receptivity of girls and the sheer amount of targets available to game.

However, I’m leaving Milwaukee forever.

On 05/22/21, I’m heading back to Springfield, MO to live at my dad’s place and save up $$$ for my future endeavors.

At the moment, my goal is to save up 30k-40k before relocating to Chicago exclusively for game.

I’ll still be flying in from time to time to wing with Part2Pete and/or Fast Life, but a vast majority of my time will be spent bouncing between two prime cities: Kansas City and Springfield.

I’ll technically be living in a small town an hour away from Springfield, so my logistics are fucked.

My goal is to hit up Springfield 4 times a week. Namely Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

RIP my car mileage.

On Friday/Saturday, I’ll be booking a Motel 6 so I only have to drive to Springfield 3 times a week. After a little research, I discovered Springfield motels run approximately $55-$65 per night, so I believe it’s entirely plausible.

After three months living in Springfield, I’ll be setting my sights on Kansas City with a total metro pop of 2.1 million. While Springfield has a metro pop of 400,000.

I’ll be hitting up Kansas City once every two weeks due to higher expenses and the fact motels are double the price compared to those in Springfield.

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