Shift Section 1: Game – Lesson 1.1: What is Game & Attraction?

What is game? According to many pickup artists, game is techniques (canned game) or putting up a front (red pill). No, they’re wrong.

Most people are unclear what constitutes game and attraction.

Or worse – they believe in the wrong things.

This is all due to social conditioning. Have you ever asked where I get all my beliefs from? Of course, in my childhood, I’d say it’s highly Judeo-Christian and “there are innocent girls and there are bad girls,” shit like that. However, my experience infield and casual observation from so-called ‘bad boys’ breaks said belief.

Let’s clear this all up: What is attraction? Attraction is value.

Thankfully, I’m able to generate attraction fast due to Todd V’s value-based system of game. So, I don’t have a problem with that.

Let’s dig even deeper: What is value? Value is anything that increases your chances of survival and reproduction.

Important: What attracted a cavewoman back in the day is still what attracts a woman today.

Alot of superficial things that people believe generate attraction (ie. money, good looks, having a bunch of shit) didn’t matter back in caveman days.

Important: What mattered back then? Confidence, decisiveness, resourcefulness, fearlessness, dominance, the stuff that is sub-communicated in the way you talk and the way you act.

The above says alot more of who you are than words ever could.

Remember, they’re not looking by what you say, but rather the energy or vibe you put off.

Homework: When I go out infield next time, focus on projecting an energy or vibe. Look back at Julian’s inner game fun, carefree, and passion concepts.

Important: Women are looking at the sub-communications. They’re looking at your behavioral ques (ie. body language, how you say something, are you truly confident?)

Women need to see the way you act and the way people react to you.

Let’s give a few real life examples:

During my 9 months of game, when did I have my best sets? Let’s look at the Hipster Latina. My eye contact was good, relaxed and playful. My vocal tonality was slow, meaningful, and inherently sexual. My body language was loose and at ease.

Julian states pickup lines do not work. For example, PUA 1 could use a pickup line. Yet, PUA 2 could use the same pickup line and they’d both get different reactions.

It’s not the line itself.

The line really doesn’t fucking matter. It’s the vibe they put off, it’s the different behavioral ques that they have.

Going forward, a big reason why girls stay with a guy for an extended period time in set is to see if they slip up and see the bullshit they’re pretending to be.

It’s how a woman experiences attraction.

You go in and she’s immediately judging your initial impression… but is he really this person, yes or no? Let’s spend more time with him. Let’s test him a bit. Let’s throw some bullshit his way and see how he reacts to it.

That’s what game is. It’s developing those inner traits that communicate you’re a man of value.

It’s not pretending to be a man of value.

It’s becoming an attractive guy at the core.

Here’s something interesting: Julian admits there’s a technical side to game. He compares it to roots (inner game) and the tree (technical outer game). If I don’t have the roots, the tree is going to fall over.

Thankfully I established some roots. I don’t have to start over from square one. I’ve got reference points. I’ve got experience under my belt. I’m not a complete newbie.

But to develop my inner game, I have to force myself to evolve. I have to force myself to make a shift and change who I am at a deep, identity level.

Game is about having a clear vision who I want to become, then backwards engineering the steps I have to take to get there.

In order to get that specific dream girl, I need to be good with women in general. Because, hey, let’s say I get my so-called “dream girl” out of luck. I won’t be able to keep her. She’s going to realize over time I’m not a guy of value and most likely I’m going to repel her.

Since I’m afraid of losing her, and I know I’m not going to be able to get another girl, I’ll act desperate, needy and I’ll fuck it up.

Sound familiar, Adam?

Sound like a certain girl whose name starts with an ‘N’?

Work on myself as a person.

Work on my inner game.

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