03/13/21 – Inner Game Wins

On 03/13/21, Saturday, I ventured off to Chicago once again to wing with u/Part2Pete. However, unlike your typical Saturday afternoon, Downtown Chicago was crowded due to St. Patty’s Day and everyone + their moms wanted to catch a glimpse of annual river dyeing.

This was simultaneously a blessing and a curse in disguise; we had far more targets to select, but a vast majority of them ran in groups.

Overall, our day game session ran so-so. It was typical: Approach a few girls -> Get blown out -> Approach another girl -> She hooks, but your game wasn’t tight enough -> So you get her number and she flakes -> Approach again, your game is good enough for a solid number. Rinse and repeat.

I felt stuck, like I’d eternally remain in intermediate limbo no matter what I tried. A few hours in, I distinctly recall sitting at Chicago Plaza – physically exhausted and mentally drained – before a lightbulb moment went off in my head: “All you have to do is believe.”

I think spending hours binging/trying to internalize Julian Blanc vids and re-watching that Luke/Yoda scene from The Empire Strikes Back a thousand times over is starting to pay off.

I told myself, “The next set I do, I’m going to land it.”

Technically, I landed two sets, but since my favorite set was 2 hours long, I’m going to exclusively log it for this report.

Approach #1The Latvian Baker

Synopsis: At 6:30PM, I met this cute 32 year old Latvian baker. She was the definition of Slavic – high cheek bones, blonde hair, blues eyes, logical, and no nonsense on the surface. Ironically enough, she hated being called a Slav. Must be a Latvian thing.

Of course, as time passed by, she began opening up and was highly receptive toward this confident, sexy Asian dude who decided to tell her what’s up.

At first, she felt dominant. Like, we talked for 5 minutes in the middle of Chicago Plaza, before she starting leading and recommended we take a seat.

A mistake on my end for not taking the initiative, but my game reflexes kicked in once I realized this was going to be a long set.

Looking behind her, I saw a Ghirardelli behind us and recommended we get ice cream for just “two minutes”. She said planned to meet up with a friend and her eggs were waiting in the car – but she capitulated and we had our ice cream.

Thankfully, we had to wait in a massive fuckin’ line, which gave me enough time to run solid game on her. In retrospect, she was def a comfort based girl. Yeah, she liked value, but was mostly interested in the playful, fun Adam unlike American girls. She reminded me of a Slavic Colombiana in a sense.

The best part about it? I didn’t think about game the entire time. Sure, I had to follow a structure of bouncing her to an ice cream shop -> bar, but 99% of the time I was operating exclusively on, “I’m going to land the next set. I’m going to push this as far as I can fuckin’ go.”

After we left Ghirardelli, she was completely hooked, and I started leading her around the Chicago River to, “It’s beautiful outside. Let’s take the Riverwalk so we can check out the radioactive river lol.”

I knew Emerald Loop (a nearby bar) was a few blocks away and I kept leading her in the right direction, despite the fact we ventured off the river into the inner city.

Unfortunately, a real issue reared it’s ugly head: The Latvian took her first rounds of covid shots today. She was instructed NOT to consume any alcohol. I knew this wasn’t a BS story due to the fact she told me at Ghirardelli when I asked her what type of drinks she was into.

As you might have guessed, once I bounced her to Emerald Loop, she said she couldn’t go. But I didn’t let this fuck up my fun, playful vibe.

At the end of the night, I took her number and we started texting. She responds fast af, so I musta ran some solid ass game lol

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Me: “Hey Alina, it was nice meeting you ;)”

Her: “Hey Adam, it was nice meeting you too”

Me: “I look forward to our next adventure in ice cream shops and dark secluded side streets” (she wanted to explore this dark side street, kinda sus looking)

Her: “Me too 😁”

Me: [Day after meeting her] “How’s my favorite Latvian doing right now”

Her: “Aww. Im working today 😊”

Me: “Hey you need your energy when we go out on our next crazy adventure, dont work too hard”

Her: “The shot i got yesterday is kicking in today ðŸĪŠ”

Me: “Poor baby. You tryna get me to massage the pain out? 😏”

Her: “Ill be a couch potatoe”

Me: “Being a coach potato and watching Netflix. Sounds like a perfect lazy Sunday”

Her: “And food ðŸĪĪ”

Me: “Plan to gobble up a whole pizza on your covid shot rest day? 😁”

Her: “No, I wish. I actually made bulgogi 😎”

Me: “And here i am eating subway for lunch, high class i know”

Her: “ðŸĪĒ why would you do that to yourself?”

That’s it so far. I’m debating on either a.) Start finding out her schedule + set a date b.) A little more witty banter before I do ‘a’. She’s starting to take a little longer to respond, so I’m leaning toward ‘a’.

Sticking Points:

– N/A. Did the best I possibly could in that situation.

What I Did Right:

Belief Is Everything: Once I began believing I could land the next set, it’s like my subconscious took over to ensure my belief system was aligned with my game. I’ll be honest, at first, it looked like the Latvian was going to eject. But I pushed and continued talking, got her laughing a bit, before she decided to stay in set.

Pushed the Interaction As Far As I Could: I tried bouncing her from the coffee shop -> bar. I knew once we hit the bar, that’s when I could begin ejecting a far more sexual vibe into the interaction. Even though I knew she had the covid injection + her nurse’s orders, I tried going as far as I possibly could.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Continue Believing Anything Is Possible: It’s cliche as it sounds, I think belief I can do anything – and that all girls are into me, despite their initial neutrality is what will bring me to the next level.

Comments: “Do. Or do not. There is no try,” really helped solidify the fact I shouldn’t “try” to believe I’m entitled or I can do this, but rather to just believe.

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