Shift Section 1: Game – Lesson 1.4: Superiority Mentality

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there is something called ‘superiority mentality’.

Unlike victim mentality where you think that you suck, you feel sorry for yourself, and there’s nothing you can do about it – superiority mentality states you’re above it.

You think you’re better than the process and you’re “above it.”

This is evident when you tell friends you’re practicing pickup.

“It should be natural bro, this shit is for losers. I’m already good with girls, I don’t need this shit,” or “Yeah, look how that turns out for most people.”

Okay, guy. Whatever.

Most guys settle what life throws at them. It’s 99% of the time within the realm of their social circle. They think they’re good with women, but it’s a delusion.

Throw them out in the wild with people they don’t know – with girls they don’t know – and watch them fucking freeze.

Important: Don’t be those guys. Take yourself as a blank slate. Never accept yourself as a finished product. You will never reach a point where you’re “good enough.” No matter who you are, you have a lot of bad habits to unwire. Be willing to let your ego fucking go.

If I’m not getting the results I want right now, I’m doing something wrong.

Once again: Be open minded. Come at this as a blank slate.

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