03/19/21 – The Fastest Way To Get Into State: Self-Amusement

On 03/19/21, Friday, I decided to venture off to Marquette University so I can practice getting into state via self-amusement. I learned about the concept from Julian Blanc after watching one of his infields. He says, first and foremost, the fastest way to get in state is to self-amuse – or in other words, make yourself laugh. Do what YOU want.

As an experiment, I followed his advice to the T for even the most miniscule task.

For example, as a pickup artist, I tend to be highly structured and have followed the same routine for months. This includes listening to the same ‘ol game playlist on Spotify, even if I don’t feel like it. Wearing a mask in public just for appearances’ sake. Shit, even minor shit like ensuring my hands aren’t in my pocket because, “it makes you look less dominant and insecure.”

Fuck that.

I did what I wanted today. No mask, had my hands in my pocket because it felt comfortable, and I played Running in the ’90s – a high energy, Eurodance track that isn’t masculine or game friendly by any means – like, a thousand times in my car before hitting up Marquette.

When I started sarging around Marquette, I felt unusually invigorated and didn’t care what people thought when I approached girls. I said what came to mind, but since it was Friday and consequently, the college let their students out early, I didn’t spot as many targets as I usually did.

This meant I got into my head more times than I wanted, but not enough to stifle my state.

Nevertheless, the day before I was running game at Marquette, and every girl ejected due to reasons still unknown to me. Today, after self-amusing in every set and having a positive demeanor, only once did a girl eject due to being late for work. Hell, I got a few obvious IOIs which I should have capitalized on, but didn’t due to my unfamiliarity with group dynamics.

Overall, I did 5 approaches, but only one was worth logging in this report.

What you’re about to see is pretty much my game when I’m sorta-kinda in state, but not really relying on outer game like I usually do. So it isn’t as “good”.

Approach #1The Blinding Outfit Girl

Synopsis: At the tail end of my game session, I ran into this one girl sporting an all-white outfit. The shit was blinding, so I gave her shit for it. She was a pretty cool person, but she didn’t ask any personal questions, which I saw as a red flag for the set. I made her laugh a ton, but I didn’t want to be seen as an entertainer and not a guy who wants to hook up with her.

I tried pulling her to a nearby Starbucks, but unfortunately, my game wasn’t tight enough (ie. didn’t have her qualify or ask personal questions), so that didn’t happen.

I settled for the number instead.

What I Did Right:

Self-Amusement: Great To Get Into State: If you’re not with a solid wingman, I’d highly recommend newbies and intermediates who aren’t familiar with inner game to start self-amusing – or better yet, just break away from the routine and do what you want. It feels fucking awesome and really puts you in a positive mood.

Sticking Points:

Wasn’t Compelling Enough: As someone who has been gaming incredibly consistently for 9 months, I’m at the point of my game where I can tell if a girl is truly hooked or not. Even before she hit up her apartment, I knew she was attracted, but not particularly invested in me as a person. She saw this as fun, flirty convo to distract her while walking.

Of course, once I work out my inner game issues, I’m sure my outer game will return to it’s prior levels.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Keep Self-Amusing If You’re Not With a Wing: If I’m not with u/part2pete in Chicago, I think self-amusement is an excellent way to keep my vibe up and not treat game like work.

Comments: Just do what you want, even if it isn’t “socially acceptable”.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_Q_K8pvoAs

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