Why Is My Night Day Game So Good?

I pondered this question while roaming Michigan Ave on 03/20/21, Saturday. And to top it off, I had a terrible game week since I…

  1. Got blown out left and right on Tuesday & Saturday
  2. My outer game dropped significantly due to re-aligning my focus to inner game
  3. Surrounded myself with negative influences (ie. people, posts, vids, etc) and consequently, my mindset wasn’t on point

It took me a few hours to realize why this was the case.

Looking back, I excelled at picking up girls once dusk hit. I’d hook sets like crazy, but before that, my day game was always hit and miss in Chicago. Yeah, I had good verbal skills, but I was never as good as I was when night hit.

Before I begin, however, I’d like to encourage every newbie or intermediate level PUA to assess their game. Find out why you’re so good at whatever niche you operate from. This can range from social circle club game, online game on a specific app (ie. Bumble or Tinder – you always get better results from one or the other), or night street game in my specific case. And see if you can replicate the mindset/results to all game avenues. In any other case, continuing on…

It isn’t magic.

I’m not some sort of “game vampire,” whose skill appears during the black of night on the streets of Chicago.

It’s because I’m calm, my mind doesn’t race like it usually does during my day game sessions. And because of that, my voice projects sensuality, in a slow, meaningful way. I become grounded, since I’m present in the moment – not thinking a step or two ahead. Just being with the girl.

Are there technical aspects involved? Yes, I believe so, but they’re inconsequential in the big picture.

If I had to list them out, it’s because during the day, I can see everyone and everything clearly, so my mind registers all of that + the pressure of approaching the girl overwhelms me at times.

At night, since I have astigmatism, the lights blur out all that fluff which distracts me from my game. I can operate more clearly and focus on the task at hand.

These are just a few things off the top of my head, but as I stated above, they’re inconsequential.

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