Inner Game and Outer Game: A MMORPG Comparison

On WhatsApp, I spoke to a guy named Ryan and he said his game sucks when he tries to “be in the moment,” like what I’m practicing right now. When typing, I gave an interesting comparison that I think rings incredibly true when it comes to game concepts.

In MMORPGs, you have your active and passive abilities.

Inner game is like your passive abilities that are on at all times. You don’t use it for combat, but they’re always activated and massively assist you when you’re in combat. In other words, don’t focus on your inner game when you’re talking to a girl. It’s always on – and it’s strengths depend on how much you honed it outside of game.

Outer game is like your active abilities you utilize infield. It’s what you “level up” and focus on when talking to a girl.

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