My Verbal Game is Dropping. What should I focus on now?

After practicing inner game (ie. being present in the moment) for 2-3 weeks, my verbal game took a significant dive. I’m anxious, I don’t express myself (ie. lack entitlement) in a way that’s true to my desires, and I’m losing morale since this regression was far greater than any I’ve experienced before.

I decided to hit up Fast Life and a few advanced PUAs who mastered the game.

They said it reminded them of my game when I decided to totally turn off sexual intent with white girls. Game is all volumes and knobs you move a little up and down (vs switches you turn on and off).

Being present helps my subcomms and turns off my mental dialogue. But it’s kinda like how a great athlete is still practicing technique–but since they’ve spent hours training that technique, in the game they’re just able to flow.

Important: However, they innovated from the fundamentals (ie. outer, verbal game) instead of totally throwing the fundamentals out.

What does that mean? I told Fast Life that I’m going to realign my focus back to outer game, but “passively” learn inner game when I’m not in set.

So when I’m home alone, in-between sets, etc – just focus on inner game.

When I’m in set, focus on outer game and the right process.

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