04/03/21 – The Power of Now With A 2-Set

On Saturday, 04/02/21, u/Part2Pete and I ventured off into numerous side streets in Downtown Chicago. As is, Michigan Ave was getting played out by unskilled, “hobbyist” PUAs who shotgun approached a couple sets that afternoon. A few times – I, and Pete included – ran into girls who said some guy approached them or a similar experience occurred recently.

Therefore, we decided to hit up “unmarked territory” with less people, but even less so-called “pickup artists” who run game once a week without seriously upping their skillset.

Overall, my game session was based on realigning my focus to outer game and letting my inner, “be focused on the present” game run passively.

That day was marked by two successes:

  1. Gaming 2-sets: Due to the 10 mil metro pop of Chicago + millions of visitors hitting up Chi Town every year, I never found the need to game anything more than an isolated girl. I decided to fix my dilemma by gaming 2, 3, 4-sets and utilized Mystery Method group theory when applicable.

    This report details a 2-set, two girls who recently moved from Austria, who I’m surprised I gamed pretty good on. It wasn’t perfect, given my inexperience with group dynamics, but I thought I fared decently.
  2. The Power of Now: Thanks to u/fastlife15’s recommendation of reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, I was able to get into a flow state twice in Chicago. Once with the two Austrians and another by simply emptying my mind and projecting my focus outward. It could have been anything. As long as I had a clear objective that operated from my subconscious.

    Due to this, I think it’d be beneficial to listen to The Power of Now on Audible during my 1 1/2 hour drives to Chicago.

Anyway, let’s get to the report.

Approach #1The Austrian Newcomers

Synopsis: In a park bordering Lake Michigan, I ran into this 2-set. They were encamped on a patch of grass on a picnic blanket, snapping photos of themselves on the other’s phone. I did an observation opener – a rarity that I never usually do – and decided to run totally on instinct. It’s like my subconscious recalled Mystery Method’s group theory and I remember ignoring my target most of the time, while engaging with her friend. A few times I did talk to my target, I usually said something along the lines of, “you’re trouble,” “you’re the crazy one,” etc. My energy was far, far higher than usual compared to running game on a 1-set.

In set, I could see her eyes light up multiple times, and I swear – I fucking swear – after she gave me ‘fuck me’ eyes at the end of the set, she wanted to ditch her cockblocking kraut friend.

Nevertheless, these girls came from Austria. My target recently arrived, while her friend remained here for a year. Unfortunately, they both were involved in this exchange program where they live with their American “parents” and in exchange, they nanny their kids. So, I don’t know if I have to pull some 1950s shit, but my target didn’t have an American phone number and I had to grab her American parent’s phone number instead lol.

Looking back, I’m sure I made a few mistakes, but I damn well know I did a few right things, too.

Sticking Points:

Didn’t Take Friend’s Number: After talking to u/fastlife15 on WhatsApp, he said it was a far better solution to grab the friend’s number instead of taking the American parent’s number. In hindsight, yeah, I was thinking about that, but I thought shit would’ve been awkward if I tried some flirty, push-pulls texts that the friend would say. Big mistake on my part.

A Bit Too High Energy: After re-listening to segments of my audio recording with them, I thought I was waaaaay too high energy and didn’t let them invest as much as they should have. Next time, keep the energy up, but not ridiculously high.

What I Did Right:

The Power of Now: I was present, aware of my surroundings and their responses. I felt like I was operating in a flow state gaming both Alina and Catarina. I was able to successfully digest the information I got from The Power of Now during my drive to Chicago. Thankfully, 2-3 weeks of practice beforehand heavily assisted my endeavors.

Gaming 2-sets: I was proud of myself and even if this set doesn’t pan out, I got positive reference experience from the two girls while gaming them.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

– N/A. Will leave blank and will update based on what the boys say on Reddit.

Comments: Focus on outer game infield. Focus on inner game anywhere else (ie. walking to the grocery store, in the shower, long drives, inbetween sets, etc).

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt2HSKhGzU8

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