04/06/21 – Focus Outward + Clear Mind + Sleep Deprivation

Guys, I found how to be permanently present in the moment: Getting 4 hours of sleep a night. Just kidding – yet, not really. It’s weird, but lots of my great sets out infield happened when I’m sleep deprived. If I had to guesstimate, I think it’s because you’re operating entirely on instinct without that pesky thing called intruding/negative thoughts cockblocking you at every turn. In other words, you literally don’t have the brainpower to cockblock yourself; so you roll with what you know.

With that in mind, I decided to hit up UWM after a week after Spring Break. The weather was phenomenal for Milwaukee (73F) and I simply couldn’t pass the opportunity.

Overall, I managed to score 4 approaches, but this report will log two of them.

Approach #1The SJW Art Student

Synopsis: After an approach or two outside of the Student Union building, I ran into this cute, 18 year old art major student who is on her second semester of college. She was inherently quiet, probably nervous since she hasn’t been approached before. I tried my best to get her to invest by utilizing push-pulls, qualifiers, etc. She invested only a tiny bit, hooked a few times, but not enough to net a solid number.

It felt weird since I thought my verbals were on point.

Going off experience, I’d bet it’s due to her age. She isn’t socially skilled enough to handle a sexy, confident Asian dude who knows what the fucks up.

What I Did Right:

Ran Solid Game: At least in my opinion I did. I utilized a good mix of value/comfort, but since she was 18 years old, living with her parents, I doubt she knew how to handle the situation.

The Power of Now: Looking back, I’d always wonder how to get into state. It’s simply due to being present in the current moment. No daydreaming. No planning ahead. Just truly being there. Me and the girl. That’s how I landed my best sets.

Sticking Points:

Weak Leading: I shoulda just taken my girl to the coffee shop even if it was closed. Any sort of leading would have elicited further investment that could have net me a solid phone number. Remember, verbals alone don’t decide the outcome of the set; but rather internal factors such as your subcomms, leading, decisiveness, etc. In this situation, it’d be highly beneficial if I simply lead the girl – shit, even around campus for a casual walk.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Lead, Lead, Lead: As Fast Life states, leading and showing that you’re a man who is willing to be adventurous despite circumstances telling you otherwise, is a massive advantage compared to the average dude. Even if my logistics are fucked, it’s best to lead the girl around to closed coffee shops than to stay stationary in one spot.

Comments: 18 year old girls can be the flakiest, yet most rewarding sets ever.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdCoC3kl1eE

Approach #2The Horror Film Girl

Synopsis: At the end of my game session, I ran into this brunette with a pixie haircut. Cute, sporting a tattoo on her neck and fingers. Very hipster-ish mixed in with a new age look. I didn’t expect my open to go as well as it did, but I opened my girl’s dog instead of rolling with a traditional direct friendly open.

As anticipated, she was neutral, but it wasn’t long before we got into deeper topics.

At the end, she gave me her phone number, but since I wasn’t Man-to-Woman enough, I bet I’ve been friend-zoned or she’s hiding her interest away until she gets to know me as a person. Nevertheless, I’m going to keep a good vibe on this girl.

What I Did Right:

Going More Indirect: As my game skillset increases, I find it more viable to run a more indirect style of game and make it work. As long as it’s congruent with how I’m feeling and inherently know I can turn it into a Man-to-Woman direction, I can make it work.

Sticking Points:

Lying: I made a bullshit story up of how I attend the university. This was totally off reflexes, but looking back, I can fosure say it was entitlement issues. She wasn’t a middle-high class girl, but moreso her tattoos kinda shook me. Most girls I engage are normal college students who I’ve dealt with hundreds of times before. This one, however, was a bit unique given her flair.

Not Man-to-Woman: Self-explanatory. Since I’m unfamiliar going indirect (ie. opening the dog), I wasn’t sure how to approach the situation so I mostly played it safe. If I had to re-do the scenario again, I could have easily let her “win me over” by her interests and/or subtly inserted a premise-y frame.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Treat Her Like Any UWM Student: I’ve ran game on dozens – if not hundreds – of UWM students. They’re unique yes, but nothing special game-wise. It’s the same time tested formula: Open -> Insert premise -> Have her qualify -> Try and lead her around/make a narrative in her head -> Close.

Comments: This is interesting. I made up total BS why I’m at the college and it still worked out in my favor. She must simply be into me.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1136JIRANfs

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