Breakthrough: Why is my entitlement with middle-upper class girls so bad?

After gaming (and getting blown out) at Marquette University once again, I kept getting blown out left and right. This has been a common occurrence every single damn time I step into the threshold of the university. However, last night was a massive win. Why? Because despite the fact I’ve been hitting up Marquette for months on in, it never occurred to me why I kept getting blown out all the time.

It’s because I’m not entitled to upper-middle class girls who come from a sheltered background.

It’s alien to me and because of that, I fall into their frame.

Important: I spoke to Fast Life and Ethical PUA regarding the issue, and Fast Life said to self-amuse he told them he worked at fucking Taco Bell and made fun of them for being too sheltered.

He didn’t fall into their frame – he shat all over it.

I never realized it until now. This was a major breakthrough that will most certainly extend throughout private universities across the States. It’s best if I take care of it now.

So, what’s my game plan? Go into the upper-middle class universities. Get into self-amusement mode. Shit all over their frame. It doesn’t matter. As long as I don’t fall into it. To go even further, I won’t even dress remotely nice to fit in the crowd. I’m going into my average joe clothes.

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