Breakthrough: Revenge of the Ego

Why do I persist on submitting controversial comments that I know will draw the ire of SJWs on Reddit? Why do I persist reading up on left-wing talking points I know I’ll get pissed at? Why do I persist on debating how I’ll AMOG Alex’s shit when I meet him in Missouri vs focusing on the now?

It’s my ego desperately trying to defend itself from the positive changes I’m making in life.

It views advancing in pickup, changing who I am as a person, as a threat.

After listening to The Power of Now, Eckhart states the mind, to ensure it stays in control, seeks to continuously cover up the present moment with past and future. This includes bringing up bad past memories and habits to distract me from being in the present. If I don’t want to add to past pain that still lives on in me, then don’t add any more time – or any more than what’s necessary to deal with the practical aspects of the present.

How do I stop creating time? Realize that the present moment is all I ever have.

Make the now the primary focus of my life.

Important: In the past, I’d let past and future events dictate who I am as a person, while briefly visiting the present. Instead, I should let present events dictate who I am as a person, while briefly visiting the past and future.

Always say yes to the present moment.

Say yes to what’s in front of you. And see how life starts working in YOUR favor instead of against you.

Important: Negative, intruding thoughts that keep the mind fixed on the past and future originate from being a judging person. Due to it, I feed my subconscious/ego with bad shit (ie. googling left-leaning political talking points, posting comments that shit or challenge people, etc) that stops me from being permanently anchored in the now.

What should I do? Stop feeding the painbody, stop feeding bad experiences from my past, ergo my ego.

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