Date #1 – 04/11/21 – The French Girl and My Lack of Entitlement

On Sunday, 04/11/21, I ventured off to Evanston, IL to meet this super cute French girl I met Saturday afternoon with u/Part2Pete. I was slightly surprised since my set was approximately 5 mins long and she ended up being a solid phone number.

After a little back and forth with her, I assumed she was a ‘Fuck yes’ girl as Mark Manson puts it due to her “!” in virtually every sentence she sent to me via text.

Boy, was I wrong.

I met her at Peckish Pig, a sports bar in Evanston – we initially planned to hit up a cocktail bar since it’s more her style, but the one adjacent to Peckish Pig was closed – and like most European visitors, she was dressed to the 9s.

However, my girl was boring and stonewall-y.

I tried throwing the book at her. First, I ran “Colombian style” game, where I dropped all the value based stuff and aimed for a fun vibe instead. Didn’t work. After that, I went with my traditional American style game of utilizing push-pulls, qualifiers, etc. Nothin’.

This French girl was hard af to game. I only managed to get her to open up a few times, particularly when I ran some overt intent lines. However, a majority of the date was her babbling about mundane shit (and it was hard as hell to hear what she was saying since she had a STRONG French accent) or me attempting to game her + hitting a wall.

After speaking with u/fastlife15, he stated I should have kept pressing the gas pedal on being intentful since she was responsive to it.

I stated I took the pedal off intent since I didn’t want to seem to kiss ass or try hard. I thought I gave the right amount before backing off so I can utilize more intent later on.

However, I caught a few issues with my game overall with the French girl:

  1. Lacked Entitlement: She was a highly adorable, cute French white girl. Bunny faced; a uniquely beautiful smile; and I reaaaaally didn’t want to fuck it up. I felt hella stifled during the date. I mean, if this was some run-of-the-mill Latina or shit – even an Eastern European girl, I bet the date would’ve concluded differently. At least better than this so-so shit.
  2. Too Try Hard: In retrospect, I felt I needed to run with ALL the punches during the date. I tried too hard to impress her by running hard qualifiers, push-pulls, etc. I wasn’t normal. When I chilled out, it began getting boring. When I tried spiking her BT, it got too energetic.

This wasn’t to say it wasn’t all bad. The date actually was middle of the ground. Not bad. Not good. Just meh. Here’s a list of things I did correctly during the date:

  1. The Power of Now: At least, mostly. Yes, my nerves kicked in since I didn’t want to fuck up the set; but I still was present in the moment. I was able to calibrate to a majority of her responses a little too far, but at least I was heading in the right direction.
  2. Didn’t Fuck Up: Yeah, I didn’t do anything super uncalibrated or dumb as hell. Even though I was a bit try hard and cockblocked my game since I wasn’t entitled, I felt like I tried my best given the circumstances.

u/fastlife15 thinks there probably isn’t any chemistry between us and I’m inclined to agree. Could time fix this dilemma? Maybe. I musta did something right, because she’s still texting me back. The game isn’t over… unless I choose to drop this French girl altogether.

What do you guys think?

Addendum: Looking back, I think I know what I should have done…

The Power of Now + projecting strong sexual intent.

The French girl was highly receptive to very intent-y lines. If I simply utilized the power of the present, being a grounded man, and projected strong sexual intent, I believe that would have been the key.

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