04/17/21 – Near Pulls

On Saturday, 04/17/21, I ventured off to Chicago, but this time decided to wing with a newbie PUA named Anton. He’s not very experienced, a great guy to chat with overall, but someone I wouldn’t wing with on a regular basis. In a matter of fact, I’d ping him as a time waster. Yeah, I liked hanging out with him. But he kept talking… and talking… and talking…

He was clearly a one-off deal.

In any other case, I did manage to land an awesome set on Saturday. This report will log the interaction, but due to the sheer length of the audio recording, nothing will be uploaded onto this FR.

Approach #1The Boston Newcomer

Synopsis: At the end of our game session, I ran into this super cute, librarian looking girl. She was from Boston and recently moved into Chicago 4-5 days ago. She was receptive since I was this confident, sexy Asian guy who approached her right off the street.

She told me she was exploring the city and I asked if she ever visited Millennium Park yet. Lucky for me, she heard all about it, but never visited the Chicago landmark… until I offered to show her, that is.

While at Millennium, we snapped a few photos of us, before I ran a bit of value based game, and bounced her to a Starbucks.

From there, I started putting my foot off the gas pedal and letting her do a bit more work. I mean, she was clearly invested, mostly due to the fact I bounced her to two venues — and I was successfully implanting a “we” narrative in her head.

At this point of the set, I admit, I was a bit out of it due to Anton’s lack of experience and (slightly) negative vibe. I felt I wasted alot of time hanging out with him today instead of actually putting in work. This fucked with my game, but not too much. I was lucky to bounce back in and out of state with Emily (the girl from Boston) and consequently, kept her intrigued.

After Starbucks, I hinted there’s this “awesome bar that fits your vibe,” and dropped it. While we walked, I suggested we head toward the Riverwalk to catch a nice look at the Chicago River. Lo and behold, we coincidentally passed Emerald Loop, the Irish Bar I told her about.

From here on out, I absolutely kill it with Emily.

The waitress sat us down at this nice, comfy location hidden away in a corner of Emerald Loop. After a little bit of comfort talk, I switched the conversation to a more sexual undertone. At first, I kinda wanted to keep her guessing. Did I really like her? Or did I not? I wanted to practice my kino, but I needed social capital first. So I had her qualify + used compliance tests to build up my value.

I began touching her upper back, before slowly caressing her legs. She was physically neutral, but responding to me positively.

Of course, not everything went according to plan. This is where I self-sabotage so fuckin’ hard I feel like an absolute idiot.

Emily asked if I had a girlfriend or was dating someone. I have no idea why, but I felt like I’d DHV myself by stating I dated this French girl not too long ago. Been texting on and off. And she thought Perrine – the French girl – was my girlfriend.

I knew I made such a massive mistake. Worse yet, I kept mentioning her multiple times throughout the set.

Next time, I’m going to say I’m single, but came out of a relationship a few months ago. That, or simply just state I’m single for the time being.

I don’t want to look like a newbie who doesn’t have experience, but I also don’t want to come off as this cheating fuckboy which scares off potential notches.

Nevertheless, once we left Emerald Loop, I borrowed a line from u/fastlife15 and said, “Emily, be a lady and take my hand,” in which she complied and took my hand. We held hands and/or she wrapped her arm around me while we walked and talked.

During the final stretch of the pickup, I led a ton. “Go here, go there, let me see this, let me see that.” Just tons of leading. I felt incredibly proud by how entitled I felt after spending, like, 3 hours with Emily lol

After taking a stroll at the Riverwalk, I decided to walk Emily back to her apartment. This is where I fucked up.

I’m a lightweight when it comes to alcohol lol, even after a single Guinness. While I wasn’t buzzed, my bladder was going into overdrive. I had to piss like a Russian racehorse. When we were a block away from Emily’s apartment, I figured I’d use the genuine excuse, “Hey, I have to use the restroom. Mind if I use yours?”

It served as a way to empty my bladder + close to her place.

She said she had a roommate and didn’t want to leave a bad first impression with her. I knew if I ran better game – namely, didn’t mention the girl I dated – that would pose less of an issue. Nevertheless, if I had to re-do that scene again, I’d spike her BT hella high before saying, “Oh my God, I’m having waaaaay too much fun right now. Let’s continue this at your place.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t.

At the end, I snagged Emily’s number and now we’re texting back and forth.

What I Do Right:

Lead, Lead, Lead: I’ve never led a girl so much in my pickup career lol. I’m proud I moved her around a ton and ran a ton of compliance tests to examine how invested she is in the set.

Hit New Territory: Most of the time, I’m able to do an instadate or simply have dates. This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to landing a same-day-lay. I pushed the set as far as I possibly could, even if I didn’t feel like it.

Sticking Points:

Never, Ever Bring Up Girls You’ve Dated In The Past: This is pure self-sabotage. I felt like if I said I was single, I’d be too low value. Yet, I wanted to DHV myself as high as I could without coming off as a fuckboy. So, I went the route of, “I’ve dated someone not long ago and we still text.”

Wasn’t In The Best Mood Starting Off: My mood shouldn’t be reliant on a single man. Anton, while a cool guy overall, isn’t great for running game with. I either run solo or with a guy serious about game. Not only that, but Anton has a few inner game issues that radiate slight negativity. It can def effect my mood.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Never, Ever Bring Up Girls You’ve Dated In The Past: Title says all.

Run Solo and Keep Present In The Moment: If u/Part2Pete isn’t around, I think it’s best if I run solo. Most of my game career has been gaming by myself in all sorts of venues. A big reason why guys prefer a wing is because they offer a form of “sound board” and keep their social momentum up. After discovering The Power of Now, this can be rectified by being present in the moment, and enjoying yourself without ever getting into your head.

Comments: I’m clearly improving and I’m damn proud of it. Keep on truckin’, son.

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