04/26/21 – The BF Issue

On 04/26/21, Monday, I decided to hit up UWM since the weather was finally improving in Milwaukee. While I only managed to do a single set, I’ve come across new territory that I’m interested in learning: Handling highly receptive girls with boyfriends. Let’s be honest, gentlemen, lots of girls we approach will have a genuine boyfriend. I personally don’t hit on married chicks, but a girl with a boyfriend is fair game to me.

This report will log my interaction with Olivia, the German/Puerto Rican girl I ran game on at UWM’s Student Union building.

Synopsis: After chilling around UWM’s Student Union building, I ran into Olivia; late 20s; half German / half Puerto Rican; chill af; and who strikingly resembles a young Rose McGowan. We chatted for a while. Like, faaaaar longer than I anticipated. I’d peg her as one of those girls you just click with. There’s no explanation why, but if you’re in the game long enough, you meet a girl where times flies like air and you forget it even exists.

Overall, as you’ll see in the audio recording section, I spent over an hour with her; despite the fact I knew she had a boyfriend.

At the end, I tried number closing Olivia, but she warned me she has an incredibly jealous Puerto Rican boyfriend. I teased her by saying I’ll send her a few kissy face emojis and hearts, cuz, you know, we’re friends and that’s what friends do. She said, “Noooooo!” before asking if I had Snapchat.

I said I didn’t and told her I preferred number closing since it’s far more personal. You know how it is nowadays, guys, girls hand out social media like it’s candy.

We couldn’t come to a compromise. It was so bittersweet. Like, I feel like I’ll see her again at UWM, but I only have a month left in Milwaukee before I bounce to Missouri.

After speaking with u/ethicalpua, he offered a few solutions that I’ll post verbatim:

“Download Snapchat lol. You don’t have to do anything on there or participate at all but it’s the preferred medium for girls with SOs (and you can just act like you don’t have it for reg girls(set it so it can’t see your contacts))

Other option would’ve been to tell her to take your # and save you in her phone as Jessica and to hit you up when she’s not around.”

What I Did Right:

The Power of Now: I was incredibly present during my set with Olivia. The trick, I realized, is to practice inner game in the morning and random intervals throughout the day. Once you’re at your game session, switch your mindset to outer game. Your inner game training will be operating from your subconscious if you’ve trained that muscle enough.

This is mainly a personal side note, but I discovered listening to the silence after noise (ie. the brief silence after a car passes by, spaces between conversation, etc) is what really got me in the moment.

Turning Sexual Intent On & Off: I calibrated projecting sexual intent like a knob with Olivia. When I saw she grew uncomfortable when I projected too much sexual intent, I toned it down. If I felt like I needed to sexualize the set a bit more, I’d adjust the knob so she’s aware subconsciously that I want to fuck her. Incredibly proud of this one.

Setting the Bar Low: I learned this from Julian Blanc’s video, “How To Draw State From Within: How To Be Confident In Any Social Situation!“. He states that the most charismatic people have the lowest bar when it comes to what they’re going to say to anyone. Meanwhile, the most needy, try-hard people have the highest bar (ie. “Oh no, this is the wrong word!”, “I don’t want to offend them if I say that!”, or trying to be too sophisticated/fit into what the other person wants to hear).

When gaming Olivia, I said whatever came to mind. I didn’t focus on verbally trying to impress her. I was almost filterless.

Of course, I subconsciously ran good game by DHVing myself, having her qualify, etc.

Sticking Points:

Didn’t Have Snapchat For Girls With BFs: This is my fault since I don’t like social media. It’s a useless time sinker that never interested me. However, the boys on WhatsApp are right. It’s good to use for girls with boyfriends since the messages self-deletes after an allotted amount of time.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Get Snapchat: Already downloaded w/ profile set up.

Learn BF Destroyers: God knows I should commit to learning group dynamics vs learning BF destroyers by Mystery. I’m a single-minded individual, so I’ll have to choose which concept to learn first. As is, I think I can work with girls with BFs if I stay in set long enough, I may re-focus my energies to group dynamics.

Comments: Got Snapchat handled. Time to learn BF destroyers.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snIZBRErCjY

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