05/01/21 – My Lack of Entitlement With 8s

On 05/01/21, Saturday, I ventured off to Chicago once again to run my usual game session. It was incredibly warm in Chicago, mid-80s, and lots of hotties decided to hit up the Windy City in droves. It was fuckin’ beautiful. So many options, and yet, I was faced with a sticking point that’s been haunting me for months now – ever since I began learning game on June, 2019: Entitlement issues with 8s.

Don’t get me wrong, I did lots of approaches, pushed the set as far as I possibly could, but I was too try hard.

I over-gamed all three consecutive 8s I met in Chicago.

However, the 2nd 8, Presley, began texting me back which I found interesting. I will keep up the lead and see if I can net a positive outcome.

This report will log and contain 2/3 recordings with the 8s I met in Chicago.

Approach #1The Alabama 8

Synopsis: I first ran into Jeanie, a native Alabaman who moved into Chicago a few weeks ago, at u/part2pete and I’s alternate day game venue we hit when Michigan Ave’s too populated with PUAs. She was neutral and about to eject out of set, but stayed due to my persistence. At first, I ran pretty solid game on her, but as time went on, I made a few mistakes I shouldn’t have. Like, for example, saying so many stereotypes about Southern people; which she clearly disliked. Yet I persisted anyway.

At the end, I tried closing her out, but she wasn’t interested.

Sticking Points:

Obvious Instadate Close: I was disappointed how I tried instadate closing her. I distinctly recall being in my head, tryna think of the nearest date location, before I found one. I literally had her stop, said “We’ll have coffee for just five mins,” while I shoulda treated it hella casual, “Oh, there’s coffee over there let’s get some.”

Lack of Entitlement: It’s a rare occasion you’re able to meet and game 8s, 9s and 10s as a day gamer. I don’t know where these girls hide during day time. It’s like finding a rare gem, but trying so hard to attain it since they’re relatively uncommon out and about. Of course, given that it’s Summer, I’d imagine more and more of ’em will be appearing on the streets of Chicago.

It doesn’t matter, though.

Even though 8s, 9s and 10s are rare – you must treat them like they’re all of the place. Like I’m dating 10 of them right now. Hell, I’ve got a few on speed dial.

What I Did Right:

Persistence: Even after Jeanie was about to leave, I persisted and tried opening her again. It worked like a charm and I was able to gather precious reference experience with 8s so I can learn next time.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Game More 8s: Easy as that. With Summer on the horizon, I anticipate far more 8s, 9s, and 10s showing themselves in Chicago. I will make it a point to visit Chi Town once or twice a month (from May-October) in Springfield, MO.

Comments: Remember what u/fastlife15 said, “She goes to school in Alabama (low value frame anywhere else), she’s visiting Chicago (probs an inspirational thing, hoping she has enough value for the big city), she’s in college (her reference experiences irt her value are all in that environment vs the city). You roll in smooth, confident–she probs felt like your value was way higher than hers. Just gotta try it bro–only keep teasing it if she’s flat, blase, or spikes on those teases, etc. Otherwise qualify her on it — “You know, you’re actually pretty cool for being from Alabama, etc”.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzsieyfK0KA

Approach #2The Michigan 8

Synopsis: After strolling along, I met this isolated girl from Michigan chilling by herself. I decided to go with the rare direct open, since I didn’t observe anything unique she wore or did anything worth mentioning. She was neutral, leaning receptive, but wasn’t fully bought in yet. A mistake – or possibly the Game showing me a sticking point of mine – I made was twofold:

Over-Gaming: My target, Presley, was wearing sunglasses, so I couldn’t tell if she was a 7 or 8. After she lifted them up, she was def an 8 that I started falling for. Consequently, with my game knowledge I knew, I tried throwing the book at her (overgaming) without giving Presley any time to invest. She could feel my try-hardness and began shutting down. I knew I fucked up, so I decided to eject after failing to lead her. Since that didn’t work and I’d feel needy if I stayed in set, I snagged her number.

Interestingly enough, she sent me a response 20 minutes after my initial text. Here’s what I have so far:

Me: “Hey Presley it was nice meeting you”
Her: “Nice meeting you too!”
Me: “Officially the chillest girl I met in Chi Town”
Me: “Have to catch up over a cup of coffee next time I hit up Chicago”
Her: “I’ll be here haha”

That’s all I have so far.

Sticking Points:

Read ‘Synopsis’ section.

What I Did Right:

Closed Despite Not Wanting To Fuck Up: It’s a win nevertheless. If I hadn’t snagged her # and texted her, I don’t know what the outcome would have been.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Read ‘What I’ll Do Next Time’ on The Alabama Girl.

Comments: N/A.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2t7xEFCxCoU

Approach #3The Nursing Students

Synopsis: After a 4 hour game session, I was about to leave Chicago and head back to Milwaukee… but god damn, I couldn’t ignore the two hotties snapping pics of themselves at the Bean. I did an observational opener of, “Instagram perfect right there!” before they both laughed, requested I take a pic (in which I said it’ll be $10 as a flirty tease), before I started gaming both of them.

Interestingly enough, my initial target was a baby-faced 8, but for some inexplicable reason, I switched my target to the ‘mother hen’, who I felt more attracted to.

She also was an 8 and kinda looked like a young Gwyneth Paltrow.

I think it’s her unique beauty which did me in.

Anyway, I was waaaay more in-tune with my game + calibrated to both of them properly at the right intervals. However, my new target was engaged to her friend’s brother. So yeah, maaaaad ASD if anything happened. Odds weren’t lookin’ good based on that alone.

I ejected after my target had to hit the restroom and went back home.

Sticking Points:

Should Have Lead / Closed to Starbucks: A big reason why I didn’t want to lead and try to instadate both of them is simply due to the fact the odds of closing just wasn’t good. I mean, my target was engaged to her friend’s brother. Can’t get any worse than that. However, it still wouldn’t hurt to try despite the odds.

What I Did Right:

Momentum: With every 8 I gamed, my interactions started improving, becoming more calibrated, etc. I’m able to get fast reference experience thanks to the Summer and capitalize on it.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Read ‘What I’ll Do Next Time’ on The Alabama Girl.

Comments: I think this was a lost cause no matter how solid my game was. Target was engaged and therefore, mad ASD with her friend. Friend had ADD big time.

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