05/02/21 – The Most DTF Girl I Met In Day Game… But Cockblocked By Her GF

On 05/02/21, Sunday, I ventured off to Chicago to wing with u/part2pete after his two week hiatus in Florida. Since Chicago was in the mid-80s again yesterday, lots of girls showed up early-mid afternoon, but downtown started dying out late afternoon. However, on Sunday I met a girl who gave me the most blatant and textbook IOIs I’ve ever seen.

The IOIs will be detailed in this FR, but will also showcase how luck can play a major role in your success in game.

Unfortunately, I did record my session, but it appears my last recording on Saturday managed to overwrite it or just didn’t save it at all. This only happened a few times, primarily when I started using my new recorder during day game. Therefore, I’m planning to buy a SIM card and hopefully this rectifies the issue.

Approach #1The Lesbian Punk Rocker Girl

Synopsis: When Pete and I walked on the sidewalk adjacent to Millennium Park, I ran into this punk rock girl sporting a retro 1950s dress, red highlighted hair, and two underbite piercings on her lower lip. She was a hard HB 6, possibly a 7 depending on your interests, and true neutral… for a little bit.

Cassie – the lesbian punk rock girl – was a lesbian who got stood up by her “butch” GF by 30 or so minutes.

Once I started running game, her switch from neutral to receptive was hella fast. I threw a proper mix of value / comfort, and she ate it up. After spotting a Starbucks near us, Cassie told me her girlfriend was late, before I said, “Oh cool, that’s why I’m here. You didn’t come to downtown for nothin’,” and following it up with, “Let’s get coffee,” in the most fuckin’ chill, blasé tone ever.

I was incredibly proud of how I started the instadate. It felt so seamless. So easy.

Once we order our coffee, I immediately began leading the interaction and sat her outside. This is where the fun begins.

From here on out, the set was pure flirty banter + bits of comfort. During our convo, I saw Cassie play with her hair, position herself toward me as we played “footsie”, and as a compliance test, I wrapped my hands around her hips, before she leaned in. The funny part? That wasn’t the biggest IOI. At the tail end of our interaction, I said, “See, maybe it’s fate, now you’ve got this cute Asian boy to hang out with.”

Her response? “Yeah, I met this really, really cute Asian boy today.”


My mind started panicking. Shit, I didn’t reserve a hotel room, nor did I see any foreseeable way to pull Cassie right then and there. I knew I had to close, but my mind was drawing blanks. Looking back, maaaaybe I should car closed her? It was tough scenario.

At the end of the set, I decided to try and lead her toward a non-populated area of downtown, preferably an alleyway, before her phone buzzed.

It was her girlfriend. She was arriving in 20 mins via train.

She sighed and said she had to go, before I snagged her number. Of course, I tried meeting up with her later on tonight, but she’s apart of this Alcoholics Anonymous group. Real hard party girl a few years back. So that didn’t pan out as planned.

Sticking Points:

Shocked By Cassie Projecting Hard Sexual Intent + IOIs: Most girls I approach aren’t hella DTF like Cassie. I’ve never met a girl who was ready to get pulled right then and there after 30 mins. The situ came to me as a shock, despite the fact it shouldn’t be. For a little I froze, possibly self-sabotaged somehow (hence why she didn’t want to ditch her GF), before running headfirst with no plan.

What I Did Right:

Operated Despite No Plan: I didn’t know what to do, but I sure as hell wasn’t about to eject out of a picture perfect notch situation. Fate was on my side: Cassie had relationship issues with her girlfriend, never been with a boy before (bet that’s BS), and I was high-value af in her eyes.

Super Casual Instadate Close: Since I felt so entitled to Cassie, my instadate close was perfect. No hesitation. No doubt. Just “let’s go,” and that’s it.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Have A Plan For All Situations: I don’t want to spend oodles of $$$ on hotel rooms incase I pull a girl. Yet, I don’t want to re-do the Cassie scenario and hope for the best. Would my car work? Yes, but my windows need to be tinted big time. An isolated alleyway? Possibly, but Chicago has surveillance all over the fuckin’ place. Shouldn’t matter though.

Comments: Don’t be surprised, brutha. Girls are into high-value men. Be mentally prepared if this happens again.

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