Important: How To Prime Myself For Entitlement

After speaking with u/fastlife15 on WhatsApp, I asked how to practically implement steps to become entitled. As someone who is very technical with his game, I learned how to be present in the moment thanks to The Power of Now’s advice of, “clear your mind of any thought. Be of no mind,” “focus on the silence after sound,” etc.

The steps listed above can easily be practiced in every day life outside of game. For example, I’d follow the advice subscribed by Eckhart Tolle when I’m walking to the grocery store, to my car, etc.

I was able to learn/be present in the moment with each passing week.

Unfortunately, I can’t recall any book with practical steps to be entitled with women.

That’s when u/fastlife15 messaged me powerful advice that I’ll post verbatim: “I did a lot of meditation–just basic theta guided meditation and I’d just repeat mantras like “Everybody loves me” and “Every girl wants to fuck me.” I would do visualizations as well. Basically, the idea is you turn off your conscious mind and tap into your subconscious and install beliefs. Kinda like self brainwashing/hypnosis.

Your subconscious beliefs affect your subcomms, which in turn affects how other people react to you.”

IMPORTANT: According to his text, I should meditate on positive affirmations/mantras when I wake up in the morning or before I went to bed. Given that I prefer watching YouTube in the morning, I will do this every night before I go to sleep and in the shower (since, for some reason, I find it difficult to be present when I’m washing idk why).

IMPORTANT: According to u/fastlife15, I should focus on feeling like the affirmation is already true–not trying to logically make it make sense.

I have chosen a select few PUA affirmation vids that I will listen to. I chose these specific affirmations due to the calming, background theta waves and the narrator’s soothing voice:

Affirmation #1General Affirmations

Affirmation #2For Sexual Confidence

Affirmation #3For Gaming 8s, 9s and 10s

Affirmation #4For Pre-Dates

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