Date #1 – 05/04/21 – The Lesbian Punk Rocker Girl

On 05/04/21, Tuesday, I decided to meet up with Cassie, aka The Lesbian Punk Rocker Girl in Chicago despite the fact I seriously didn’t want to drive an hour and 30 just for a date. After speaking with the boys on WhatsApp, they strongly advised I take the opportunity and use it as reference experience. Can’t go wrong there! Off to Chi Town I went.

I met Cassie at 7pm in Emerald Loop.

She looked hotter than when I first met her. Her hair was curled and let down. She had a badass, yet stylish metalhead look – as if she bought tickets to an Avenged Sevenfold concert and was about to hop in the car.

I kid you not, after a little bit of flirty banter, we started making out 5-10 minutes after we took our seat. She crawled on top of me, rubbing my dick and I honestly expected to get kicked out any moment lol. Emerald Loop is a casual, chill Irish bar that you’d visit at 5pm after work. We looked like a buncha degenerates tucked away in some dark corner… and I loved it!

I’ll spare you extra raunchy details, but it’s like Cassie projected sexual intent 24/7 at me.

After she hit the restrooms, I texted the boys my date progress, and u/fastlife15 advised I pull so the vibe doesn’t die out. Like a good soldier, I immediately began plotting where to pull Cassie. Bar -> Millennium Park -> Block 37 where my car was parked.

Looking back, I could’ve skipped out on Millennium Park and went straight for the pull in my car, but thankfully, she was down to adventure off with me.

It was roughly 8pm when we left Emerald Loop, walking down Downtown Chicago just to find out…

Millennium Park was closed.

I shrugged it off like I didn’t care. I told her she’d love to “check out my car,” since I had “geeky stickers” on it. In all honesty, I had absolutely no clue how to car close. I knew we both had an interest in video games and ran offa that.

Thankfully, I planned to car close ahead of time and parked in a secluded corner of the garage. When Cassie and I got in my car, we talked a bit (less than a minute), before we began making out. Aaaand then the ASD rears it’s ugly head.

It was getting hot and heavy. My hand grabbed her ass, tugging her closer before she whispered in my ear, “It’s not going to happen tonight,” and “I don’t do it during the first date”. Classic LMR. I played it cool and casual, like it wasn’t a big deal. Buuuuut I started making out with Cassie again. In hindsight, I should have taken RSD Max’s advice and pulled off -> DHV / qualify myself -> and tried again.

Despite this, Cassie still was into me BIG time.

We jammed out to some Bring Me The Horizon, before we made plans to see each other Saturday afternoon. The night ended with Cassie taking a train to whatever neighborhood she came from.

Overall, I’d say I ran pretty solid game, took advantage of opportunity when I saw fit, but at the end, I think I got a liiiiittle too horny which caused Cassie’s LMR to kick in.

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