05/19/21 – Assume She’s DTF Earlier Than You Think

On 05/19/21, I decided to do a final round of Milwaukee street game ever since the Beer Garden re-opened up for Summer. At first, I wasn’t too serious about it due to the fact I leave Wisconsin on Friday – literally two days from now – and simply gamed in order to keep my skillset sharp.

However, literally the first set I open, my girl went from true neutral -> receptive pretty fuckin’ fast. She was DTF like crazy; worse yet, I knew it but my lack of entitlement and programming didn’t feel comfortable tryna bang on the instadate. It’s unfortunate, but a valuable learning lesson.

This report will log my final approach in Milwaukee before I grind it out on the streets of Springfield, MO.

Approach #1The Girl With The Broken Arm

Synopsis: After texting my old wing when I first started game, we agreed to meet up at Beer Garden in Milwaukee. Since I knew he was traveling from Waukesha, which is 30-45 mins away, I decided to hit up this red haired, pale chick with a broken arm. Her name was Lucy, was a soft HB 7 and reading a book while drinking a spiked lemonade.

Since this felt more like social circle game mixed in with cold approach, I opened with, “Excuse me, I know this is totally random, but you have the most West Coast look I’ve seen all day,” before casually talking with her but projecting sexual intent + playful vibe (important).

30 or so minutes in, Lucy knew what I was there for and projected sexual intent right back at me.

Fuck man, this is where I messed up. Her BT was sky high. She was down af for anything, but I felt like I wasn’t ready yet. It was clearly all my fault, not hers. Unfortunately, she knew I was waiting for a friend (fr tho since I invited Chris to hang out w/ me before I met her).

Once Chris arrived, I told him the situ and he completely understood. He said he was going to take a walk around the park, while I continued gaming Lucy.

At the end, I tried closing Lucy by telling her to take a quick walk with me. Since I waited so long, she said we’d do it another time and she reeeeally wanted to read a few pages of this book she picked up.

Lucy and I both could feel sexual tension brewing in the air. And I felt the need to release said tension… by pulling her face close to me, and making out with her. She gladly reciprocating and hell, began kissing my neck before pulling back.

With that in mind, I snagged her number and tried making plans with her that night. Didn’t work out as planned.

What I Did Right:

Solid Comfort / Value Game: My outer game has gotten really fuckin’ good during day game. I did some night game with Chris that night and I could see the transference over. It was pretty amazing what I’m able to do with 11 months of pure, hard labor learning pickup.

Total Reliance on Subcomms: I simply focused on running my outer game while being present in the moment + subcomms ran in the background. I believe I made an MMORPG comparison a month or so ago. It’s def true that outer game is like your active abilities, while inner game are passive abilities that heavily depend on how much you worked on it out of set.

Power of Now + Affirmations: I’m so thankful u/fastlife15 showed me how to drastically improve my inner game, which consequently, boosted my outer game a fuckton.

Sticking Points:

Didn’t Pull The Trigger Sooner: In hindsight, I should have tried pulling Lucy an hour or so before I closed her. She was highly receptive to my leading, vibe, etc. She was down af. I don’t want to sound anti-religious (I’m not), but my Judeo Christian programming growing up kinda fucked with my set. Like, yeah, I believe all girls are the same… but it’s time to realize they’re also DTF that very same day.

Girls Are More DTF Than You Think: This situ happened twice now. With Cassie and now with Lucy. Both girls were hella down, but I self-sabotaged by “taking it slow,” until the first date. Time that I don’t have since I’m leaving MKE on Friday.

Went For The Kiss: If you’re a newbie, I’m sure you’re surprised as hell. It’s actually far more beneficial to NOT kiss or kino too hard. It flairs up ASD like a mofo and you lose the girl. I kissed Lucy since I felt like I wanted to gain something spending 2-3 hours with this girl. It’s needy and fucks up the set. Save it when she’s in your apartment.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Once Heavy IOIs Pop UP, Begin Moving The Set Along: With two girls showing me how fast they’re willing to fuck, I literally have no excuse to move the set along the moment sexual tension builds up.

Comments: When heavy IOIs pop up, be sure to capitalize on her interest quickly – lest you never get the chance again.

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