05/26/21 – First Daygame Session in Springfield

On Wednesday, 05/26/21, I decided to try my hand at day game in Springfield, MO. This was accomplished after two days of scouting for optimal day game locales. Needless to say, I’ll be utilizing the “island hopping” strategy of Marshalls -> Ross -> Barnes & Nobles -> Battlefield Mall. It’s the best you can do with mid-sized towns of 500,000 people; at least, until college semesters start again.

Before I begin this report, I’d like to state I happily proved my painbody wrong. I got the impression Springfield girls were flighty, closed off to strangers, and just overall a pain in the ass to work with.

This idea stems from the fact most Missouri residents I’ve met before – and after – I discovered game tended to be rude and standoffish. I believed this notion would cross over into game… and I’m pleasantly surprised it didn’t. In a matter of fact, they’re more receptive to cold approach vs city girls. A polar opposite to what my mind dreamt up.

At the end of the day, I managed to do four approaches. Two will be logged to analyze the small town girl psyche and how I could have improved.

Approach #1The Christian Girl

Synopsis: When I first hit up Springfield, I immediately checked out Ross only to find no viable sets. However, after heading into Marshalls, I found this girl sporting outdoorsy clothes which reminded me of a hipster. I went with my usual direct friendly open before gaming her. She was friendly and receptive. However, I tried qualifying her on religion which ended up as my downfall.

What I Did Right:

Ran Decent Game Despite New Environment: While I lived in Springfield, MO for two years from 2010-2012, I never gamed in the city proper. I’m surprised I ran decent game despite slight anxiety of moving to a new city.

Ran Decent Game Despite Negative (and Wrong) Beliefs: I had negative – and wrong – preconceived notions of Missouri girls as rude, closed off to outsiders, etc. Despite low vibration energy running through my head, I ran pretty solid game that I’m happy with. Better yet, the girl’s responses totally destroyed any negative outlook my mind dreamt up.

Sticking Points:

Don’t Trash Religion: I’m not anti-Christian by any means. I use religion as a qualifier so girls can let out their “inner bad girl” in set. However, I am in the Bible Belt of the USA now. Lots of girls are true believers of Christianity and therefore, it would be within my best interest to dismiss any mention of religion or find a different way to qualify them.

Weak Close: Unfortunately, my close was pretty weak with this girl. Remember, you’re a high-class city boy who isn’t impressed by country girls. Be the man they look up to. Prove them wrong.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Learn BF Destroyers: Once again, since I’m in the Bible Belt of the USA, lots of girls are in genuine, committed relationships. I need to research and learn how to utilize BF destroyers.

Entitlement: While my daily affirmations + presence show themselves in set, it’s fighting against anxiety of moving to a new city and negative (yet dying) mindset I have regarding MO folks. Gotta remember: They prove themselves to ME and not the other way around.

Comments: Don’t trash religion as MO girls seem highly devout compared to city girls.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvaQYDjU_AI

Approach #2The 80s Looking Girl

Synopsis: 15 minutes after gaming the Christian Girl, I met this geeky looking chick with a purple Star Wars shirt and leotard shorts. After doing a direct compliment, I discovered girls are hella bored in Springfield (not surprising) and I feel like I can def use this to my advantage. However, when she was about to dip, I asked her an innocently sounding enough, “what do you do for fun around here?” type question. Highly indirect, but I managed to steer the convo back to where I want it.

Tried Snapchat closing her, but ran into issues with the app.

What I Did Right:

Managed To Make Directional Openers Work: When the convo was about to fizzle out, I managed to turn the set around by asking what people do around here. She gave me a good answer before I steered the convo back where I wanted it. A little surprising, but a welcome one.

Sticking Points:

Lead, Lead, Lead: This girl was into me. I didn’t lead as much as I’d like to which screwed the set. If I had just kept at it and took a more proactive role, I bet I’d have this girl in the bag.

Lack of Entitlement: I believe I discussed this with the boys before, but when it comes to white girls, I have entitlement issues. Thankfully, I’m in a city that’s literally 90% white. While I may have blundered by not truly expressing myself in set, I will have a TON of practice living in a city with lots of cute white girls.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Lead More: Self-explanatory.

Comments: She was hella into me. Missouri girls want direct and masculine men. Lead, lead, lead.

Audio recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvZQv0f1X94

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