How To Prepare Myself Before Going Infield: The Darth Bane Method

After listening to Darth Bane: Path of Destruction, I discovered Bane had issues mastering the Dark Side of the Force which resemble my issues learning Game. His progress skyrocketed at first, before a period of regression and a dark valley of self-doubt, hesitation, and fear of unleashing his true potential.

I can’t help feel the same way about my game sometimes.

Inevitably, he blows past this dark period by totally and utterly giving himself to the Dark Side of the Force. In other words, he let his subconscious take over, was fully present in the moment, and used what he knew of the Dark Side without reservation.

I tried this at Barnes and Nobles before beginning my day game session and I felt powerful. Like I was on the hunt and my unsuspecting prey couldn’t handle my raw skill.

I must ALWAYS do this before I go out infield.

Give myself entirely to the Game.

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