My Chicago Game Plan

Schedule (Summer & Fall):

  • Monday: Gym
  • Tuesday: Evanston / Northwestern University
  • Wednesday: Gym
  • Thursday: Evanston / Northwestern University
  • Friday: Gym + night game
  • Saturday: Downtown Chicago + night game
  • Sunday: Downtown Chicago

Schedule (college on-season; starting Jan 3rd – Summer; avoid street game due to extreme cold):

  • Monday: University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) (class starts Jan 23rd)
  • Tuesday: Evanston / Northwestern University (class starts Jan 3rd)
  • Wednesday: University of Chicago (class starts Jan 10th) (take half-day at work til end of April)
  • Thursday: Evanston / Northwestern University + solo night game
  • Friday: Gym + night game (if Pete doesn’t arrive – go solo)
  • Saturday: Gym + night game (if Pete doesn’t arrive – go solo)
  • Sunday: Gym


For UIC:

  • Check out Student Center East, Student Center West, Lincoln Hall
  • References here:

For night game:

  • Choose a venue that is 10 minutes or less from my apartment.
  • Really close venues are Smartbar (12 min drive) and Le Nocturne (5 min drive)

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