06/26/21 – Removing Barriers To Success

On Saturday, 06/26/2021 I ventured off to Springfield, MO after deciding to go out only twice a week, but approach 5 girls at a bare minimum. This would leave me at 10 girls per week, enough time to manage my current skillset with minimal regression when I hit Chicago. However, I still feel this is far too little and I’m debating on popping in another day of the week so there isn’t a 5 day gap before my next game session.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a formal field report and won’t detail my man-to-woman interactions like I normally do; instead, it will focus on what actions I took to up my game in unfavorable situations. This info will be incredibly useful during Chicago winters given how brutally cold they can be. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

For the past month or so, my game lagged due to bad mindsets and my personal decision to live in Springfield. In my mind, I fucked up by moving to Missouri to save money. It cost me ample targets and a flourishing dating life I once had in Chicago; the fact I drive an hour away to hit up my day game venues; and by the time I hit up Chi Town, I would have lost months of progress.

Of course, my low vibration energy displayed itself in set. Girls sensed this and cut the interaction short. It didn’t help I abruptly ended practicing any inner game mindsets (ie. power of now, affirmation meditation, etc) due to the slump I put myself in.

Thankfully, I’m starting to turn shit around.

After telling myself I’d go out both Saturday and Sunday, I kept myself on a leash from ejecting out of Springfield early by promising to do 5 sets at a minimum. Of course, once you do your 5 sets, you’re already in state and ready to knock off a few more. That’s when shit really gets good.

I started practicing being present in the moment between sets, scouted for girls no matter the day game venue, etc. I ended up knocking out 6 sets – and pushing them a little, but not as far as I could – before calling it a day.

IMPORTANT: Therefore, I will do the following: Go out to Springfield on Wednesday (starting July 14th), Saturday and Sunday. On Sat/Sun, do 5 approaches. No excuses. No riding out of town early. On Weds, since I arrive at 5pm, do 3 sets. No excuses. However, since it will be dark when I get back, drive super slow back to Dad’s place.

When I’m between sets, I will focus on the present moment without checking my phone when bored.

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