07/17/21 – Accept Where You Are; Accept The Now

On Saturday, 07/17/21, I ventured off to Springfield, MO for a another typical day game session. As per usual, I felt like gaming in Missouri was a drag; but I didn’t want to lose my PUA skillset, so I persisted to prepare myself for Chicago.

While pulling up at a Ross store, I decided to pop on The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. As fate had it, my audible book started with Eckhart mentioning how most people live eternally under distress; living in hopes for a future that may never come, in an attempt to escape their present life circumstances.

IMPORTANT: The goal isn’t FOCUSING on your life circumstances (despite if it’s your fault or not), but to focus on your life. Your life now. In the present.

This hit me to the core. Yes, I was warming up to the idea of living in Missouri, but I truly hadn’t hit the point of true acceptance.

Once I did, I felt everything change. My focus I once possessed in Milwaukee/Chicago returned to me; I felt alive, ready to hit the ground running during my day game session; and best of all…

I met a Fuck Yes girl, as Mark Manson calls it, which this report will log. I admit, lots of mistakes I surpassed in Chicago returned, but I made strides in a few weak points as well.

07/17/21 – The Giggling Girl

Synopsis: At Battlefield Mall, I ran into this adorable, 19 y/o quarter Filipina, 75% white girl. She was, as Mark Manson puts it, a ‘Fuck yes’ girl right off the bat. She obeyed my leading, responded positively to my qualifiers, but didn’t have enough social intelligence to detect sarcasm or my push-pulls. Unfortunately, I made a few fuck-ups I knew I shouldn’t have. They will be listed on my Sticking Points section.

In hindsight, I believe a few factors which screwed the set come into play:

a.) The last ‘Fuck yes’ girl I met was in Milwaukee. That was – at bare minimum – at least 2-3 months ago. My experience with highly receptive girls has been significantly dumbed down due to…

b.) … the fact I’ve only been going out twice a week. Why? Yesterday, I drove 1 hour, 10 minutes to hit my first day game venue. Imagine tryin’ that 4-5 times a week. Hell no. This is why logistics is important.

c.) Since I haven’t been going out regularly enough, my skillset has seen a visible decline. Now, to be fair, it isn’t a drastic drop in game skill, but it’s noticeable.

So, with that in mind, I did the best I possibly good. My girl was mostly on, but at the end, we agreed to meet up later on tonight since she had work at 4PM. Called her and she gave a whirlwind of excuses why she couldn’t come out.

What I Did Right:

Pushed The Interaction As Far As I Could Go: I knew from my prior training in Milwaukee/Chicago that I needed to push the set as far as humanly possible. I tried bouncing her to a Starbucks, going for her phone # instead of social media, etc.

Comfort With Indoor Venues: An interesting observation I noticed after my day game session is how I had zero fear approaching at Battlefield Mall. In the past, I absolutely abhorred indoor venues (ie. malls, supermarkets, etc) with people going to and fro. I didn’t enjoy the idea of some stranger listening, but most importantly judging, my game. I feel like when I’m truly present in the moment, I simply don’t give a shit.

Sticking Points:

Leveling: Kaitlyn, the Giggling Girl, wasn’t socially in-tune to detect sarcasm or comprehend push-pulls to any meaningful extent. This is what Todd V calls “leveling”. A big reason why I shot myself in the foot was the fact I was “over-gaming” her by being too socially savvy. She’s 19, from SoCal, and felt like she wanted a guy she can look up to. If I had to re-do the set, I’d focus more on having her qualify a fuck-ton more + adding more comfort.

A Bit Needy: Fuck, I can’t believe I made this mistake. This is what happens when you significantly slow down gaming in a mid-sized town. Anyway, Kaitlyn had to check on her job application at a Dillards. I lead her in the right direction, but after I tried Starbucks closing her, she told me, “You don’t have to go, you can come with me,” and I took that as a green light to continue the set.

JP told me, in such situs, to NOT follow a girl’s lead if she’s shopping or has to meet anyone. Why? It comes off as needy and you degrade your value in the girl’s eyes. A better alternative would’ve been to take her # and had her meet up AFTERWARD.

Caught By Surprise: I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect a cheery, happy-go-lucky demeanor from Kaitlyn soon after the open. Like, I almost froze since my brain was like, “Wtf?” Yes, yes, I know I should be well prepared given my year of experience as a pick-up artist. It’s just that cutting down my game sessions left a mark in my skillset.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

Correctly Handle Fuck Yes Girls: Remember how I gamed highly receptive girls in Chicago. Don’t DHV yourself as much, establish comfort + have her qualify alot + leading. That’s it.

Comments: The real question is: Should I leave Springfield -> Chicago earlier than October 1st?

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